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Dispatching, scheduling and job management simplified with integrated Field Service solution

Verizon Connect has introduced Reveal Field to deliver accessible workforce management solutions. Reveal Field aims to make it easy for dispatchers to efficiently schedule and communicate job information to technicians and customers throughout the day, in near-real time.

Reveal Field works with the Verizon Connect Reveal platform to combine vehicle location data and technician status to help operations managers make faster, more informed decisions and provide better service, all from a single application without having to switch between telematics and field service solutions.

“Operations and fleet managers want a centralised hub where they have complete visibility into vehicles, workers and the work they are doing,” says Erin Cave, vice president of product management at Verizon Connect. “Reveal Field provides a simplified approach to managing drivers, technicians and jobs, and enables customers to streamline business processes, efficiently schedule jobs and improve customer service — all from one pane of glass.”

Key features of Reveal Field include:

  • Simple scheduling – view available technicians and vehicle location and schedule jobs in an easy-to-use calendar
  • Easy dispatching – quickly assign and dispatch jobs to notify one or more technicians that a job is scheduled
  • Real-time notifications – automatically send booking confirmations and reminders to customers
  • Technician mobile application – easily add notes, photos and signatures from the job site via the mobile app to keep the office up-to-date
  • Live Map integration – view a technician’s real-time vehicle location, schedule information on the Live Map and make more informed scheduling decisions

Reveal Field also helps operations managers improve customer service by enabling them to provide more accurate Estimated Times of Arrival (ETA) to their customers.

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