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Enterprise IT specialist Nowcomm teams with AT&T Cybersecurity and Cybsafe

Richard Mcloughlin of Nowcomm

Networking, collaboration and security technology specialist, Nowcomm has formed two new partnerships in the cybersecurity sector. The company is partnering with AT&T Cybersecurity, previously AlienVault, and human cyber risk management platform Cybsafe. This adds to the Cisco Gold partner’s existing portfolio, which includes cybersecurity solutions such as Cisco Umbrella and Cisco Meraki.

Through its partnership with AT&T Cybersecurity, Nowcomm will provide customers with access to an open source security information and event management system that simplifies the management of compliance and security, with a unified platform for all security monitoring and threat response.

Meanwhile, Cybsafe’s risk management platform will enable Nowcomm customers to improve the cybersecurity behaviours of their staff, by measuring current attitudes, developing metrics for cyber risk decisions, and identifying the most relevant areas for education and development.

AT&T Cybersecurity and Cybsafe join a host of cybersecurity specialists on Nowcomm’s partner roster, including specialists in dark web data breach and wireless network security. By working closely with these organisations, Nowcomm delivers customised managed services for organisations across a range of different cybersecurity functions, including from initial risk assessments and security vulnerability assurance, through to permanent threat protection, and cyberattack response and mitigation when the worst happens.

Nowcomm also offers a range of employee cyber education services, recognising that personnel are frequently the weakest link in organisations’ security postures, whether because of human error or highly tailored social engineering attacks delivered by cyber criminals.

The new partnerships follow a bumper few months for Nowcomm. As well as expanding its cybersecurity services, the company has also developed a collaboration and unified communications portfolio to include Cisco Webex Calling as a complete subscription offer.

Richard Mcloughlin, CEO of Nowcomm, said: “Every organisation, no matter how big or small the sector they operate in, must take cybersecurity seriously. From highly sophisticated criminals seeking to hold businesses to ransom or steal highly sensitive information, to digital vandals who simply want to cause as much disruption as possible, the cyberthreats we face are diverse and dangerous.

“We therefore want to build the most powerful ecosystem of cybersecurity partners we can, so that we can present our customers with a really rich and effective array of security tools, platforms and processes.

“AT&T Cybersecurity and Cybsafe are leaders in their fields. By partnering with them, we will be able to offer our clients both an intuitive platform for managing multiple different cybersecurity functions, and a human-centred approach to security management, focusing on the skills, behaviours and attitudes of the workforce. Both organisations are fantastic additions to the Nowcomm partner roster.”

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