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MATRIXX & Starhub partner to build giga!, Singapore’s first fully digital mobile brand

Glo Gordon, CEO of MATRIXX Software

TodayMATRIXX Software, the innovation powerhouse that provides 5G-enabled, cloud native, digital commerce solutions that transform how telcos and CSPs do business, will announce its partnership with StarHub to build giga!, Singapore’s first-ever fully digital mobile service brand designed to meet the unique needs of the country’s 1.2 million millennials.

Selected for its 100% digital tech stack, the MATRIXX Digital Commerce Platform provided giga! with a flexible and robust online real-time monetisation solution that allowed giga! to install and deploy in under six months, while providing the end-to-end user experience core to giga!’s mission.

The deployment of the MATRIXX Digital Commerce Platform, enables giga! to access a flexible and robust online real-time monetisation solution, while also offering an unprecedented level of flexibility for its customers, including:

  • Complete freedom (no contract plans)
  • Lifestyle packs (configurable service packs)
  • Digitised payments (quick, easy and secure)
  • Digital ID verification (real-time ID verification with fraud detection capability)
  • Rock ‘n’ rollover data (a unique feature only offered by giga!)

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