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Seamster edge computing initiative aims to accelerate enterprise adoption

Seamster, the global edge computing initiative dedicated to enterprise use case exploration and adoption, has been launched with support from the end-to-end edge value chain.

Participating in a virtual event, industry leaders representing Accedian, Dell EMC, MobiledgeX, Stratacache, Topio Networks, VMware, and Worldwide Technology (WWT) joined to kick off an open, neutral, research-driven discussion about how to fast-track global edge computing and 5G deployments.

The MobiledgeX-founded initiative has already started modeling existing edge opportunities, some of which were shared during the launch event. This activity will accelerate as more companies join, replacing unknowns about how the edge will work with evidence of value through a collaborative experience. 

Seamster comprises members from across the full emerging and expanding edge ecosystem with launch participants that include Accedian, Dell EMC, Infosys, MobiledgeX, Quanta Cloud Technology (QCT), Topio Networks, VMware, Wind River and Worldwide Technology (WWT).

It is the only demand-side based edge initiative and combines end users and developers, cloud providers, technology partners, device makers and telecom operators.

MobiledgeX CEO, Jason Hoffman, who presented the opening remarks at Seamster launch event says, “When you start with the critical question about who the edge is for, you begin to see this massive opportunity from a very different perspective.

Seamster is bringing together an eclectic array of players to expedite the information, support and resources needed to help enterprises leverage 5G and edge computing to finally solve problems in their digital transformation efforts. We invite all companies interested in pursuing this common goal to join Seamster.”

Seamster membership is growing, with founding members already contributing privileged insights gained from unique vantage points and early market work. For more information or to join the initiative, go to .

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