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Edge claimed to make platform fast, accurate water meter monitor

Dave Mackie of Olea Edge Analytics

Olea Edge Analytics, an intelligent edge computing platform for the water utility industry, has released EdgeWorks Platform 2.0. This combines blockchain technology, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning in a solution for water billing, delivery and conservation.

This product includes new features designed to help cities and water utilities find millions of dollars in revenue on broken, worn or incorrectly sized commercial water meters. With improved power management, a new bypass monitoring solution and a new pressure management solution, EdgeWorks Platform 2.0 reportedly notifies customers of an issue more quickly than ever and reduces the costs of data transit and storage.

“Utility workers spend a lot of time and money identifying and diagnosing issues with their current set of tools,” says Dave Mackie, Olea Edge Analytics’ CEO. “EdgeWorks Platform 2.0 lets them refocus manpower and resources on fixing meters to return them to accuracy and allowing them to recover lost revenue.”

Olea Edge Analytics’ claims that its history with numerous utilities shows that up to 40% of all high-volume commercial water meters can be underbilled and need repair. And under normal conditions, commercial water meters can lose accuracy by more than 10% per year. Quickly finding these inaccuracies allows cities to capture millions of dollars in billing revenue.

At the heart of EdgeWorks Platform 2.0 is Olea Edge Networks’ new patented blockchain architecture, which validates water usage data from the moment that it leaves the meter’s sensors to the moment it reaches the customer. The encrypted data in the blockchain ledger is also distributed across every device in the network, making it more secure and traceable than ever before.

The technology built into EdgeWorks Platform 2.0 creates a digital twin, a virtual replica of a physical product or system of every meter on the network. A full suite of sensors monitors and provides advanced analytics for each component in the system.

The platform integrates with Google Edge TPU, a low-power, high-performance chip that is explicitly built for deploying high-accuracy AI at the edge. By processing data at the edge and sending information to the cloud, EdgeWorks Platform 2.0 reduces both the latency and cost of transferring data so that cities can efficiently and accurately identify the most needed fixes in their water infrastructure networks.

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