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Asite integrates MS Teams and Google Meet to support clients during COVID-19

Microsoft Teams, the hub for team collaboration in Microsoft 365, and Google Meet, the video communication service developed by Google, have both been integrated into the Asite platform.

These two developments are part of a new wave of integrations taking place on Asite. The first phase saw London-headquartered Asite integrated with Zoom, the cloud-based video conferencing tool used by millions around the world. These integrations will help users remain connected and continue to collaborate while working remotely during COVID-19 lockdowns.

Asite users will now be able to share and view information from within their Common Data Environment (CDE) through Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, and Zoom. The new integrations will also allow teams to remain connected as those working remotely can be virtually present with the field team onsite through video calls.

Devendra Gera, CTO at Asite says: “As the world continues to adapt to this new normal and implement changes in working habits and practices to comply with new regulations, Asite is continuing to develop our platform to ensure it is an ecosystem which works for the entire supply chain.

“Our new wave of integrations provides clients, regardless of their chosen video communication tool, with the ability to share, discuss, analyse and collaborate through the platform simply and seamlessly. We are determined to ensure our platform is ready to meet our client’s new needs, making their lives easier and continuing to provide them with the tools they need to build better.”

As with Zoom, the Microsoft Teams and Google Meet integrations will allow users to start instant audio or video meetings from the Asite platform with a single click, regardless of their location. Users will also be able to conduct meetings using their existing accounts, which means that meeting recipients will not be required to log into the Asite platform to join meetings.

Meetings can be started instantly or scheduled through the integration, ensuring continual collaboration and communication between other team members or stakeholders.

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