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Cloud-first managed WAN and security integrated into SD-WAN as-a-Service

Shashi Kiran of Aryaka

Cloud-first WAN company and end-to-end managed SD-WAN provider, Aryaka, is now partnering with Check Point Software Technologies. Together the companies intend to use Aryaka’s cloud-first managed SD-WAN solution and Check Point’s CloudGuard Connect, CloudGuard Edge and CloudGuard IaaS to deliver integrated security and SD-WAN as-a-Service.

Check Point’s CloudGuard technology delivers threat prevention that is updated in real-time using ThreatCloud intelligence. The partnership aims to deliver customers a unified threat and access management platform that has the flexibility to deploy branch office security in minutes, while reducing operational expenses by up to 40%. The partnership also integrates with Aryaka’s cloud-first WAN, allowing network and security to be delivered as a service.

As enterprises move their applications to the cloud, they are shifting away from traditional legacy architectures towards cloud-first architectures that deliver flexibility, simplicity and better alignment with fast-changing business needs.

The CloudGuard Connect cloud-hosted security service delivers maintenance-free, advanced threat prevention to thousands of branch offices in minutes. CloudGuard Edge implements on-premises security for data privacy or data-location requirements. CloudGuard Edge and CloudGuard IaaS are tightly integrated with Virtual Network Functions (VNF) on Ayaka’s Network Access Point (ANAP) services edge customer premise equipment (CPE) and Aryaka SmartConnect Global backbone, which offers multi-cloud connectivity options that enable security deployment in minutes.

The combined solution provides tight integration of Aryaka’s leading, cloud-first WAN capabilities with Check Point’s security solutions. It provides the building blocks for enterprises to adopt emerging architectural approaches such as the Gartner advocated Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) while taking advantage of the service delivery footprint through Aryaka’s global points-of-presence (POPs) and its multi-cloud networking capabilities. And it is all delivered as-a-service.

“Connecting branch offices directly to the cloud using SD-WAN significantly increases security risks,” says Aviv Abramovich, head of security services management at Check Point Software Technologies. “With Aryaka’s cloud-first SD-WAN and CloudGuard Connect, CloudGuard Edge and CloudGuard IaaS, enterprises now have the flexibility to deploy Check Point’s top-rated threat prevention and intelligence to protect their branch offices against the latest Zero Day and Gen V security threats.”

“We are very pleased to partner with Check Point Software Technologies in order to further extend the Aryaka SmartSecure offering,” comments Shashi Kiran, CMO at Aryaka. “Check Point is a renowned industry leader in the security space. Combining Check Point’s best-in-class security with Aryaka’s high-performance managed SD-WAN allows us to deliver both Network and Security as-a-Service for a variety of deployment models, while giving our customers greater choice, simplicity and flexibility.”

Aryaka SmartConnect and Aryaka SmartSecure can be delivered as a fully managed service, which eliminates the cumbersome process of implementing, operating and trouble-shooting complex network and security features. This allows network administrators to spend more time focusing on strategic IT initiatives and less time dealing with daily networking and security issues.

By utilising Aryaka and CloudGuard technology, enterprises now have flexible choices to deliver a branch-first or cloud-first security posture. The partnership also offers a flexible licensing model that starts at US$75 (€64) for basic hosting and can scale up to a fully managed solution.

“The combined Check Point and Aryaka solution provides us with the exact building blocks we needed in order to achieve our key objectives,” adds Yossi Batashvili, global technologies manager at ADAMA. “Specifically, we get a flexible, leading security solution combined with an intent-based, managed SD-WAN networking solution.”

“As a leading communication and security services provider to enterprises, the technology partnership between Aryaka and Check Point allows us to offer a best-of-breed security and networking solution to our enterprise customers,” says Shmulik Haber, CEO of Internet Binat. “We are excited about its potential in a rapidly transforming market.”

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