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Verizon Business and Azure to speed IoT solution creation and deployment

Aamir Hussain of Verizon Business

Verizon Business plans to simplify and accelerate end-to-end Internet of Things (IoT) solution creation by providing all the critical components in the IoT value chain available to customers. These include connected devices, network / capability, cloud hosting and artificial intelligence.

Verizon’s 5G/LTE network, ThingSpace IoT platform – including secure connectivity to Verizon’s  5G/LTE network and full management and diagnostics capabilities – and Critical Asset Sensor (CAS) devices have been integrated with Microsoft Azure to enable IoT builders to create new applications quickly and efficiently.

Microsoft Azure IoT Central provides application-level, cloud-based analytics, as well as pre-built templates for a variety of industry use cases. By integrating Verizon’s ThingSpace platform and Azure infrastructure, IoT system builders, integrators and service providers are able, says the company, to quickly develop, deploy and operationalise complete IoT solutions.

“This is about simplifying IoT solution development,” says Aamir Hussain, Verizon Business’ senior vice president of Business Products. “By integrating the Verizon and Microsoft platforms, we are enabling IoT builders to more easily get their solutions to market, and ultimately, into the hands of users. It’s about moving the IoT industry forward and making it easier for businesses and consumers to benefit from IoT innovation.”

“Microsoft has been on a mission to simplify IoT by introducing Azure IoT Central, IoT Plug and Play and other Azure solutions,” says Tony Shakib, GM of IoT Business Acceleration at Microsoft. “The integration with Verizon makes it easier and to build cellular IoT solutions by leveraging Verizon’s network and ThingSpace platform.”

Early customer

One of the first large enterprise ‘builders’, Cognizant, is an early adopter of the integrated platform, using it to develop an IoT application for the efficient management and use of cold storage, which supports vital business operations for perishables, including storage and shipping of food and pharmaceuticals.

For example, the application monitors prescription drugs while in storage to ensure they are in optimal condition, safeguarding the quality of the pharmaceuticals that are distributed to customers and reducing the amount of perished inventory. Cognizant’s solution gives pharmaceutical retailers greater visibility of inventory throughout the transit pipeline.

“The global pandemic has disrupted nearly every supply chain. Connected IoT solutions are more essential than ever to protect all of us,” comments Frank Antonysamy, global head of Cognizant’s IoT business. “Every temperature-sensitive product can now be monitored to ensure product integrity from shipping through to the consumer. Working with Verizon and Microsoft on the ThingSpace platform enables us to deploy new technologies to help ensure that the food we eat and medicines we take are safe.”

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