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A1 Telekom Austria accepts Bitcoin and more in cashless trades

Companies and consumers alike benefit from the modernisation of cashless payment transactions. Now A1 Telekom Austria Group has announced that, with immediate effect, its A1 Payment service is accepting digital currencies for cashless payments.

With A1 Payment, retailers across Austria can accept digital currencies. In addition to all common payment methods with Maestro or credit cards, payments via online platforms such as Alipay as well as risk-free transactions of digital currencies such as BitcoinEthereum or Dash are now possible, according to the group.

With the new A1 payment terminals, companies have new payment alternatives at their disposal that are oriented towards digital and international needs. Payments with digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum or Dash are converted into euros in real time at the cash desk. Regardless of the digital payment method used, the retailer receives the purchase price in euros. This eliminates any exchange rate or currency risk. Specialist knowledge about crypto-currencies is not necessary.

A1 is a secure partner for innovative payment methods in retail. With A1 Payment, businesses across Austria benefit from digitalisation and the growing acceptance of digital currencies. Now, companies with only one terminal have the possibility to accept these currencies alongside conventional payment methods and are thus optimally equipped to meet the diverse needs of their customers.

Cashless payment: Complete payment solution from one source

A1 Payment offers solutions for retail companies of all industries and all sizes. From small souvenir shops with only one cash register, to branch operations with several terminals at different locations A1 Payment offers the simplest and most comprehensive package for cashless payment processes.

From hardware to service with A1, companies will receive everything from one source. A1 provides the payment terminal, takes care of its maintenance and the processing of payments. The A1 support team is available 24/7 and across Austria.

A1 Payment terminals are provided by Ingenico, while the payment software for card payments comes from Concardis. The technical basis for the new digital payment methods is provided by Salamantex, a fintech company located in Lower Austria. It specialises in developing intelligent, trustworthy and secure software solutions for payment with digital assets and combining them with existing payment solutions.

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