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‘No F1 teams willing to reveal what they are doing with AI’

“None of the motor racing F1 teams are yet willing to reveal what they are doing with AI but there are many significant potential uses for it” says one Formula 1 CIO.

This intriguing observation comes from the chief information officer of a well-known, Formula 1 team. 

He also says; “Five years ago I predicted that by 2020 it would be possible to call a pitstop without a human making a decision. In that time we’ve proved that it is possible but no team is yet doing it. The humans don’t want to let the data experts do it so we are running in parallel with human decision-making.”

He adds that as well as pitstop timing decisions, main uses for artificial intelligence (AI) in F1 could be for staying within regulations and enhancing human performance. “Before using AI applications, you have to be sure that the data quality is very good,” the CIO concludes.

Live event on August 7th

These are among the fascinating insights which the CIO of a Formula 1 team will reveal on Friday 7th August at the latest of the CI Group’s virtual Changing Behaviours events, about Performance Data, along with thoughts from a panel of HR, data and marketing services experts.

He will also explain that, because data analysis not only of the team cars but of competitors is so crucial, a team of 30 analysts support the team for every race, with most working remotely. He’ll also reveal how bad data has not only caused teams to lose races but also produced inferior cars.

The event will highlight how F1 data and technology have proved vitally beneficial outside of motor racing in, for instance, planning the modernisation of London’s tube lines, and in the design of airbus seats. In addition, pitstop techniques are helping in the resuscitation of new born babies.

David Watt, CEO of event organisers, the CI Group says, “The insights into Performance Data at this event and how it can be applied to improve business will be stunning.”

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