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PLM team uses digital adoption to manage change

Technia, providers of product lifecycle management (PLM) solutions, are releasing a digital adoption solution. Light My Way, developed by Technia Software & Expert Services, aims to provide intelligent, intuitive in-app guidance on best practices for change management processes, user on-boarding and infrequent tasks within the 3DEXPERIENCE platform application suite.

The new software offering from Technia is within the field of Digital Adoption Solutions (DAS) also referred to as Digital Adoption Platforms (DAP) which Gartner recognises as an emergent technological aid to digital transformation strategies. The layered software provides contextual visual overlay tutorials to help guide users through complex processes, ensuring efficient time usage and enabling swift, accurate adoption of new user processes.

Light My Way is claimed to be the first and only DAS developed with more than 30 years of PLM expertise built in. Technia Software and Expert Services are proud to continue breaking new ground with the Experience Packaged portfolio of products for the 3DEXPERIENCE ecosystem.

“I have been helping customers digitalise PLM processes over the last 15 years, Light My Way is the most interesting and promising enabler I have worked with during my entire career.” says Anders Axelsson, product manager.

Jonas Gejer, Technia CEO says, “The value creation in enterprise PLM is proportional to how quickly you can deploy and secure strong user acceptance globally. The 3DEXPERIENCE platform has a very strong OOTB user experience meaning that the need for time consuming training is very low. With Light My Way users get directions and guidance within the applications leading to short deployments and even less or no need for classroom or online training.”

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