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Opengear reveals new Out-of-Band and NetOps automation solutions at ONUG Fall 2020

Opengear, a digi International company, and a provider of solutions that deliver secure, resilient network access and automation to critical IT infrastructure, will spotlight its latest solutions and innovations advancing network resilience – including the new OM1200 and OM2200 console servers – at the ONUG Fall 2020 virtual conference on October 14 – 15, 2020.

Conference attendees are invited to join the Opengear team at their virtual booth for conversations and demonstrations addressing the most pertinent and emerging challenges faced today when securing networks, particularly as organisations increase IoT adoption and push networks closer to the edge.

“Today’s networks are becoming increasingly complex, and outages are more costly and difficult to prevent than ever before. This is especially true for the enterprise cloud community, which must support increasing numbers of devices and remote points of failure while meeting demands for near-zero latency and affordability,” said Steve Cummins, vice president of marketing at Opengear. “The Opengear solution establishes a secure, independent, management plane to provide reliable access to network devices on day one, during an emergency, and for everyday operations. It truly is the network for network engineers.”

Steve Cummins

To overcome these challenges, Opengear provides a robust portfolio of advanced network resilience solutions that transform a networks’ capabilities and provide secure remote management to critical infrastructure. Opengear’s Network Resilience Platform, with the deployment of Smart OOBTM console servers, is powered by the award-winning Lighthouse management software, a scalable management and automation hub that provides an unparalleled level of resilient access and visibility, even during critical failures. The solution was recently selected as winner of TMC’s 2020 Cloud Computing Security Excellence Awards.

Today more than 75% of Fortune 100 companies rely on Opengear’s Network Resilience Platform to manage and secure their networks.

Recent company news and show highlights include:

  • OM1200 and OM2200 Operations Manager – Opengear’s two new NetOps console servers are the first solutions to bring Smart Out-of-Band management and NetOps automation together in one piece of hardware. They are the only Out-ofBand appliances to feature both an x86 processor and a secure boot process to protect against configuration and firmware tampering.
  • 100% Growth in Canada – Opengear’s sales and new deployments in Canada have more than doubled since 2017, fueled by edge expansion and the need for network resilience solutions. Canada now accounts for more than 15% of the company’s North American resellers.
  • New Research & Insights into Network Outages – Opengear recently surveyed 500 global senior IT decision makers and found that network outages cost more than $1 million (€0.85 million) for nearly two-fifths of US business, and one-third of businesses globally. Countless new and pertinent insights can be found in the company’s indepth research study.

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