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BNL and Voda plan bank of the future: Green, secure and digital

BNL GRUPPO BNP Paribas, one of Italy’s banks, and technology communications company Vodafone Business, today announced a strategic collaboration. Together they plan to digitally transform BNL’s customer service and ways of working for its employees.

In a five-year plan, Vodafone Business will start supplying BNL with mobile voice and data connectivity, allowing staff to work flexibly and customers to interact with them remotely and efficiently. The cooperation will also gradually make new technologies, including 5G, a core element of BNL’s network infrastructure. And as part of the project Vodafone Business will work with BNL to explore the role collaboration platforms and digital services, like wireless ATMs, unified communications (UC), video services and augmented reality experiences, can play to make the bank’s customer experience more inclusive and agile.

A recent report published by Vodafone Business, which found 79% of Future Ready businesses saw technology as a strength that will help them make changes and adapt to the future more easily. In line with this, BNL, BNP Paribas and Vodafone Business are committed to accelerating digitalisation in Italy and promote social inclusion. Both companies are engaged to establish new ways of working to better serve customers, be more sustainable and improve quality of life for employees.

Saverio Ferraro, BNL chief information officer (CIO) says: “Digital transformation is an essential step in BNL’s evolution and also for society as whole. There’s a need for innovative solutions that support mobility and sustainability at the same time and that can strengthen trust between banks and their customers. Digital collaboration tools and technologies are a daily need and the last few months have made this even clearer. At BNL we want to accelerate our digital evolution for our colleagues and customers. That’s why we have built a 5 future-proofing year programme with Vodafone Business. Creating a digital-first culture is essential for us. We are also very proud of having sustainability at the heart of everything we do as part of our #positivebanking project.”

Vinod Kumar, CEO, Vodafone Business comments: “BNL is putting digital at the heart of its long-term strategy to build a responsible, sustainable and accessible bank. This makes BNL part of a forward-thinking group of companies that see technology as a core part of creating a successful business and their contribution to building a digital society. We look forward to partnering with them on that journey and supporting BNL to deliver new services that benefit customers, employees and the wider world.”

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