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Solution to ease edge data collection, analytics and integration for fast time-to-value

John Younes of Litmus

Intelligent edge computing company, Litmus, is collaborating with Super Micro Computer, Inc. (SMCI), a global provider of enterprise computing, storage, networking solutions, and green computing technology on a smart manufacturing solution.

This will combine Supermicro’s fanless edge computing devices and the Litmus Edge platform. The collaboration provides customers with the hardware, software, services and capabilities to enable smart manufacturing with accelerated time-to-value.

Litmus Edge is the only flexible and scalable edge platform that provides the data connectivity needed to collect, analyse, manage and integrate asset data at scale. Together with Supermicro’s powerful, fanless IoT/Edge gateways, the solution is pre-validated, pre-tested and accelerates the value customers can get from edge computing for immediate business value across the enterprise. 

“The Litmus/Supermicro collaboration allows customers to add powerful hardware and software to quickly and easily liberate data on the factory floor,” says John Younes, co-founder and COO, Litmus. “Manufacturers can open the combined solution, set it up in minutes with no coding, and launch a smart manufacturing initiative in under thirty days. We provide everything they need to compute and take action on the data on-premise for immediate value, or send the data to the cloud for further processing.”

Supermicro’s line of fanless IoT gateways provides customers with a secure, scalable, resilient and flexible edge to cloud infrastructure. The joint Litmus and Supermicro offering is based on Supermicro’s versatile E100, a small yet powerful fanless IoT/Edge gateway server. The E100 combined with Litmus Edge delivers the hardware, software, drivers and analytics customers need to implement smart manufacturing out-of-the-box. Litmus Edge includes an industry-leading driver library, pre-built KPIs for use cases such as OEE, asset uptime and downtime, and pre-built integrations with leading cloud, big data and enterprise applications.

“Digital transformation is leading to the creation of more data that needs to be processed at the edge in an agile, secure, reliable and resilient manner for better operational and business decisions,” according to Raju Penumatcha, senior vice president and chief product officer, Supermicro. “Our collaboration with Litmus offers a cost effective, complete hardware and software solution that enables our customers to address the challenges of smart manufacturing in the transition to Industry 4.0.”

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