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AI-based marketing capabilities for CSPs developed by Veego

Amir Kotler of Veego

Veego Software, that aims to perfect the internet experience in the connected home through the application of AI and other innovative technologies, has released its latest solution. Smart Marketing, is said to enable communication service providers (CSPs), media providers, smart device manufacturers, and app creators to understand and personalise the experience of every internet user.

Veego’s advanced technology uniquely creates a “home profile”-immediate knowledge about the devices and services that are operating in the connected home and the Quality of Experience (QoE) of each internet session. Veego’s latest solution, Smart Marketing, extends its capabilities to Marketing teams, endowing them with a clear understanding of how users are enjoying their internet and the problems they are encountering in real time and historically.

Smart Marketing informs marketing personnel what devices, services, support packages, and other revenue-generating products would enhance QoE in each connected home. Analysts can filter and segment homes by type such as “heavy gamers” and “work from homers”, by devices used, QoE, apps consumed, geography, or other attributes of interest to personalise homes with related profiles. Subscribers with a high likelihood of buying can be grouped and proactively contacted at just the right time with offers that enhance the way they are consuming services like streaming music, games, video conferencing, etc. Offers can include mesh technology, extenders, repeaters, bandwidth packages, smart devices, and more.

“Our technology extracts great volumes of data and organises it as actionable knowledge for our CSP and other customers,” Veego CEO and co-founder, Amir Kotler, states. “We are already addressing Customer Experience, Customer Support, and Operations departments, and now, we can extend our breakthroughs to Marketing departments, endowing them with the power to know more than ever about their subscriber base. They also can receive AI-based upsell and cross-sell recommendations that will actually improve customer experience in a measurable way.”

Smart Marketing displays its findings and alerts on an easy-to-understand dashboard. It can be integrated with Customer Relationship Management and other systems, automatically generating alerts that let sales and marketing reps, CSRs, and others know what to offer to specific subscribers at every point of contact. Smart Marketing can also be integrated with smart apps, chatbots, SMSs and other communications media enabling proactive contact with subscribers.

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