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Book talk: ‘The Reasonable Robot: AI and the Law’ with Ryan Abbott

The Centre for Data Innovation is hosting a conversation with Ryan Abbott on his new book The Reasonable Robot: Artificial Intelligence and the Law.

The book argues that, as a general principle, the law should not discriminate between AI and human behavior, and discusses how this principle should shape tax, tort, intellectual property, and criminal law.

The speakers are:

  • Ryan Abbott, professor of Law and Health Sciences, University of Surrey School of Law
  • Daniel Castro, director, Centre for Data Innovation (moderator)

You can watch and join the discussion online:

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It educates policymakers and the public about the opportunities and challenges associated with data, as well as technology trends such as predictive analytics, open data, cloud computing, and the Internet of Things. The Centre is a nonprofit, nonpartisan research institute proudly affiliated with the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation.

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