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IoT platform benchmarking report shows the marketplace diversity

Transforma Insights unveils the results of its extensive analysis of the strategies of 12 IoT Application Enablement Platform providers.

Transforma Insights has published the report ‘IoT Application Enablement Platform (AEP) Peer Benchmarking 2020’ as part of its Advisory Service subscription. The report is based on detailed analysis of the strategies of twelve vendors of AEP capabilities which between them represent a diverse cross-section of the market. The top-level findings of the report are summarised in Figure 1, below.

Commenting on the results, author Jim Morrish says, “The title of this report is something of an oxymoron: there’s no such thing as a ‘peer’ in the IoT AEP space. Rather, the market is complex and diverse in a way that reflects the diversity of end user requirements. Different AEPs seek to differentiate their offerings in different ways, and seek to target different opportunities”.

The report includes detailed analysis of the strategy and capabilities of AEP vendors in dozens of areas, aspects of which are synthesized into a number of summary and comparison graphics. For example Figure 2, below, illustrates the relationship between scale and market (end-user vertical and application) market focus for selected AEPs: generally only the very largest companies seek to offer ‘generic’ AEP capabilities to support all end-user verticals and applications.

The findings of the research reveal the great diversity in the IoT AEP market. Morrish further notes: “There is no ‘the best’ IoT AEP, and the best (most suitable) platform for any particular end-user requirement can only be identified in the context of that specific requirement. The IoT platforms included in this report specialise in diverse areas, ranging from enterprise application integration (and consistency) through to smart product design and enablement”.

The report also reveals some of the key capabilities that are increasingly offered alongside core AEP technical capabilities, including technology areas such as Artificial Intelligence, Distributed Ledger, Digital Twin, Edge Computing, and cellular Connectivity Management.

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