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Keep communities safe with actionable, data- driven insights from advanced video analytics

Gili Rom of BriefCam

BriefCam, a provider of video content analytics and VIDEO SYNOPSIS solutions, reports that its advanced video analytics software platform will serve as the analytics engine for Verizon’s Intelligent Video solution. The monitoring service helps law enforcement and security teams keep public and private facilities secure with near real-time, actionable data from video content.

The combined solution enhances the ability for these organisations to protect lives and property in remote locations and in the centre of cities – equally. This includes critical infrastructure from dams and power plants to oil refineries and transportation systems. The full solution leveraging BriefCam provides advanced video analytics, including near real-time and forensic video analysis, and trends in data through dashboard visualisation, enabling rapid acceleration of video investigations. 

“Leveraging its award-winning network, Verizon is creating a best-in-class solution to enable the protection of all facilities in a community whether in the city centre or on the edge of town,” says Gili Rom, VP Strategic Initiatives, BriefCam. “Bringing together Verizon’s wireless infrastructure with our advanced video analytics and other industry leading technologies allows security professionals to remotely optimise situational awareness while reducing time and resource investments.”

Verizon Intelligent Video leveraging BriefCam’s robust analytics software offers a comprehensive, bundled video management solution for cloud or wireless access that includes software licensing, installation, administration, training, and support. The solution was built to provide advanced analytics and benefits for an improved experience. BriefCam delivers the ability to monitor and analyse multiple sites remotely from a single interface and the insights needed to fully prevent or investigate and resolve issues.

The solution automates video analysis with a what is said to be an easy-to-use interface so that users can quickly drill down and filter objects based on a wide range of object classifications, attributes, and behaviours. This accelerates investigations and helps users attain situational awareness sooner, to derive operational intelligence from video. The powerful solution makes it possible to do more with fewer monitoring, intelligence, and investigative resources.

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