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Gyrfalcon launches AI-X — full-stack solution for edge-AI development

Dr. Manouchehr Rafie of Gyrfalcon

Gyrfalcon Technology (GTI) announced AI-X™, a new full-stack solution for AI development ideal for small and medium enterprises (SMEs). Popular applications for AI-X include edge-AI vision devices, consumer electronics, AI-camera sensors and automotive.

AI-X benefits SMEs by accelerating AI product turnaround time, maximising on-chip resource utilisation, minimising CPU runtime, boosting performance efficiency, and reducing power consumption by leveraging GTI Networks (GNet™) and holistic HW-SW optimisation.

Powered by Gyrfalcon high-performing accelerator chips, AI-X delivers chip-level optimisation solutions for realising deep neural network development on edge devices. AI-X provides an efficient HW-SW design framework for developing CNN-based models on GTI’s chips.

“For smart devices such as IoTs, smartphones, autonomous vehicles and many other platforms and end-point devices to reach their maximum potential edge AI co-processing is imperative,” says Dr. Manouchehr Rafie, vice president of advanced technologies at Gyrfalcon.

“AI-X combines an end-to-end HW and SW solution for quickly deploying your data, tasks, AI custom model, algorithm design and chip implementation challenges on the AI devices equipped with the GTI high-performing chips. These AI edge devices benefit from the AI-X higher performance, improved privacy, reduced bandwidth and latency, less CPU computational load, efficient energy use and less BOM cost.”

AI-X Benefits:

  • Vision-based solution for AI chip design challenges
  • Customised model conversion (MDK)
  • Minimising CPU utilisation/runtime (Over 3x CPU Saving)
  • Maximising on-chip resource utilisation (>90%)
  • Enhanced performance efficiency (by 5x)
  • Reduced latency during inferencing
  • Chip-level optimisation & model pruning
  • Quantisation-aware training
  • Per-layer quantisation and parameter optimisation

Powered by GTI Accelerator Chips:

  • Unmatched TOPS & power efficiency
  • Integrated on-chip memory
  • Scalable multi-chip architecture
  • Executes a large number of calculations in Tensor operations

The AI-X product information is available here.

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