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HeadSpin partners with Google Cloud at the edge

HeadSpin, a digital experience artificial intelligence (AI) platform, has been recognised as a horizontal solution provider for Google Cloud’s recently unveiled initiative to deliver partner applications at the edge.

This is part of its Global Mobile Edge Cloud (GMEC) strategy, a portfolio and marketplace of 5G solutions and an open cloud platform for developing network-centric applications.

HeadSpin and Google Cloud have teamed up to support and enable use cases across multiple verticals delivering 5G edge solutions.

HeadSpin claims to offer “the world’s first digital experience AI platform” which helps ensure apps and devices work in all kinds of environments. Why does this matter? Because as the world transitions to 5G, we’re going to want a 5G experience when we’re watching YouTube or streaming videos or checking social media no matter where we are.

The company specialises in this level of “experience management,” working with wireless carriers on 5G launches, game consoles to track performance, or large organisations to ensure their apps meet their digital transformation requirements. Customers beyond Google include Pinterest, Tinder, Uber, TikTok and Facebook.

“We are excited to partner with Google Cloud at the edge,” says HeadSpin CEO, Rajeev Butani. “HeadSpin’s proactive monitoring of user experiences for 5G applications both during the development cycle and post-go-live not only enables our customers to preventatively identify and address user experience and performance issues, but also generate insights to drive new offerings and revenue streams enabled by 5G edge technologies.”

Digital user experiences are a priority for every stakeholder in the 5G ecosystem, says HeadSpin, which ensures product teams are empowered to address the growing needs and demands of end users. These include:

  • Real-world, location-based measurement and continuous optimisation of user experience around the globe
  • Proactive identification of issues at the device, network, and application layers, including 3rd party APIs and infrastructure
  • Unparalleled visibility into quality of experience for live streaming, AR/VR, audio, and video services and applications

“Delivering cloud capabilities and applications to the edge will open new doors for customers, whether helping to streamline business processes at the edge or delivering exciting, new digital experiences for consumers,” according to Tanuj Raja, global head, strategic partnerships at Google Cloud. “We are delighted to partner with HeadSpin to support these customers, and to deliver HeadSpin’s capabilities in application and infrastructure management on Google Cloud.”

HeadSpin has been trusted by leading cloud at the edge businesses to ensure quality user experiences and increase revenue through improved adoption and engagement, all while reducing costs and time-to-market. 

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