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New workplace management app helps teams collaborate post-COVID

Jooxter, a SaaS company providing an innovative web and mobile application, reinvents collaborative workspace management by optimising building occupancy and improving allocation decisions. Booking a room or a desk has never been easier with Jooxter.

During CES© 2021, Jooxter will present for the first time how smart occupancy can help companies and employees to embrace hybrid work models with safety and simplicity. New features include

  • Real-time visualisation of building and multi-sites occupancy with a search capability, including user filters (capacity, tags), is accessible from the home page and provides both list and map views.
  • Occupancy and data analytics dashboards help HR managers, real estate and facility managers oversee new working methods, remote working frequency versus in-person, busy days. This dynamic and comprehensive overview is a valuable tool to support companies in the gradual reorganisation of the workspace to adapt to new needs while complying with social distancing guidelines and ensuring employees’ safety in times of COVID.
  • A team view promotes collaboration and social life on-site by enabling localisation of co-workers any time, a collaborator can view their teammates’ schedule, whether on-site or working remotely, several weeks in advance. This feature empowers real teamwork across all disciplines and locations.
  • Jooxter strengthens employees’ safety who can check-in on-site via a smartphone application available on iOS and Android. They just have to flash a QR code once at their desk or in a meeting room to notify their presence.

Jooxter, a startup founded by Fabien Girerd in 2014, the workspace management industry. Jooxter enhances the synergy between organisations and people through data-analytics

Jooxter enables companies to optimise oce occupancy while permitting employees to embrace the new hybrid workspace world safely. Furthermore, Jooxter supports integrating its solution with Microsoft Teams Suite and Google Calendar and streamlines workplace management with occupancy analytics and insights that provide a clear resource allocation view.

With Jooxter, customers adopt a rapid-deployment solution for example, for one of its customers, in only three weeks, Jooxters deployed 8,000 workstations, spread over 50 separate sites and 3 countries. The deployment capacity of the Jooxter solution now reaches 20,000 desks per week.

The “hot desk” and hybrid “work-from-home” visions pioneered decades ago with limited success are poised to thrive, made more effective through a cohort of recent technological innovations. The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated change, having forced previously reluctant companies to embrace remote working.

The future of work is here and forces companies to reevaluate urgently how collaborators work together, creating safe, productive, and flexible working environments. According to McKinsey research from July 2020, 80% of people reported that they enjoy working from home. 41% say that they are more productive (less commute, no more business travels) than before, and 28% are as productive as before the pandemic.

Jooxter will host a digital booth you can access by clicking here.

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