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AI gives you a chance to prevent alzheimer’s dementia

AI brain mapping with EEG discovered Alzheimer’s brainwave and could detect preclinical Alzheimer’s dementia(AD). This has been enabled by an innovative AI technology of iMediSync in brain mapping.

iMediSync, a biotech startup launched EEG digital biomarker for early detection of Alzheimer’s dementia on their AI cloud platform, iSyncBrain®. With AI analytics and brain mapping techniques, they also serve personaliSed NIR-LED neuromodulation using their upcoming novel headset, iSyncWave™ to enhance neuronal activity.

Brain waves slow down overall as the brain degenerates. These preclinical phenomena are difficult to detect just by inspection. But Artificial Intelligence(AI) technology can do this by deep learning.

iSyncBrain® MCI classifier screens and discriminates Alzheimer or non-Alzheimer type of  amnestic mild cognitive impairment (MCI) to prevent dementia at preclinical stage. This endured multicentre clinical trials with results of over 90% accuracy.

The Company plans to expand its capability addressing patient optimal health. iMediSync will showcase a groundbreaking EEG (electroencephalogram) brain mapping and LED-therapeutic device, iSyncWave™ at CES 2021. iMedisync will demonstrate its version of virtual care allowing healthcare providers to monitor patients remotely.

In addition, iMediSync is conducting multiple research efforts in the development of new biomarkers for Coma, ADHD, Depression, Parkinson’s Disease, Children Developmental Disorders and other neurological-based diseases through its advanced EEG analysis.

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