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Edge Xpert new release offers computer vision and AI in IoT

IOTech is bringing a range of computer vision and artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities to the Internet of Things (IoT) edge market with the delivery of its latest Edge Xpert edge software platform.

The new release of Edge Xpert 1.8 incorporates key enhancements provided by the EdgeX Foundry’s 7th community release including:

  • Support for Device Services to be distributed across different hosts from the other Edge Xpert microservices
  •  Event data tagging to allow the ability to configure each Edge Xpert instance to tag the data with a unique reference as it is exported northbound
  • Upgrades to the provided security, configuration, and rules services with new releases of Vault, Kong, Consul and Kuiper
  • The first availability of the EdgeX V2 APIs which are provided in beta form and will be productised and available for full commercial use in the next major release of Edge Xpert

Discover more about Edge Xpert 1.8 here.

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