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Cloud CSP launches tailored comms for operational efficiency

Clement Wehrung of Fuze

Fuze, a cloud-based communications provider for global enterprises, unveiled a new initiative to deliver tailored solutions for specific verticals.

Developed with the knowledge and expertise gained supporting enterprise customers in various industries, these solutions are designed to meet the specific needs and requirements of companies that produce, distribute, or sell products and services, in industries like manufacturing and retail.

Fuze embeds its capabilities into critical workstreams, introducing specialised features and delivering customised services unique to each industry segment. Fuze for Manufacturing is the first in a series of vertical market offerings that Fuze is rolling out this year to meet the growing demand for cloud-based communications across industries.

Manufacturers are transforming digital operations and adopting new integrated technologies, including automation capabilities and cloud-based solutions, to maintain a competitive edge and eliminate inefficiencies.

Increasingly, manufacturers are leveraging centralised communications solutions to help accelerate innovation, improve customer experience, and eliminate inefficiencies caused by gaps or redundancies of business workflows and systems. The COVID-19 pandemic has only accelerated this trend as manufacturers must connect an increasingly distributed and mobile workforce.

Fuze for Manufacturing provides organisations with a reliable, centralised, and modern cloud communications platform to increase worker efficiency regardless of location from the frontline to the factory and into the field. In addition to the standard Fuze features including international calling, audio and video meetings, messaging, and an integrated contact centre, Fuze for manufacturing provides enhanced capabilities for supply chain, distribution, and logistics, and employee safety in lone worker scenarios, as well as providing integrations with adjacent solutions.

According to Gartner Research, “the impact of COVID-19 underscores the necessity for more pervasive access and control, and the benefits of cloud-based solutions in not only enabling the new ‘work from anywhere’ paradigm, but as a fundamental next-generation technology enabler…While manufacturers may have had a forward-looking plan for these solutions prior to the pandemic, they now see the cloud versions of these solutions as a lifeline, keeping remote employees engaged and productive.” 

Building on experience deploying and partnering with large global enterprises, such as FLSmidth, SAS International, and more, Fuze now offers specialised Fuze for Manufacturing licenses Manufacturing Essentials and Manufacturing Contact Centre to meet the distinct needs of users in the industry. These licenses include standard Fuze features and services and functionality that are specifically tailored for manufacturing organisations:

● Integrations: Time and efficiency are critical assets for manufacturing customers. Fuze provides a number of integrations with the top manufacturing applications, such as ServiceNow and Microsoft Teams, to seamlessly incorporate Fuze into everyday workflows, enabling workers to spend less time manually syncing data, performing administrative tasks, and navigating between applications.

● Analytics: The Fuze Data Platform provides a centralised view of calling, meeting, and messaging data to give business leaders quick and easy-to-understand visibility into how their team is performing. The Data Platform also enables IT managers to track adoption across the organisation and draw insights to maximise the business value of their technology investments. Fuze for Manufacturing includes pre-built dashboards, specifically designed for tracking emergency incidents and location activity.

● Devices & Hardware: Fuze partners with the leading voice providers to empower manufacturing customers with a rich audio experience at every touchpoint of the communications experience whether it be from a desk, call centre, lobby, meeting space, factory floor, or while on the move. Fuze’s expanded hardware partnerships with Yealink, Poly, Algo, and Samsung support use cases for ruggedised handhelds and tablets, in-cab devices, paging, and tracking solutions.

● Services: Fuze drives successful deployments and outcomes by focusing on mitigating risk and accelerating time to value. Fuze works hand-in-hand with manufacturing customers to plan, design, and deploy unified communications solutions for corporate and regional offices with specific care towards the unique requirements of warehouses, factories, and production facilities. This includes configuration of multibase DECT systems, remote gateways, SIP-based paging, analog phones and devices, emergency and man-down solutions, and network monitoring.

“As a trusted partner to global enterprises across a variety of industries, we modernise interactions between employees, customers, and partners, and are using our expertise to rollout vertical versions of our solution,” says Clement Wehrung, product strategist at Fuze.

“With a unique understanding of our clients’ requirements for productivity, efficiency, connectivity, and safety demands, we are excited to unveil the first in a series of vertical communications solutions. Fuze for Manufacturing has been purposely designed for companies that produce products, enabling them to meet dynamic market requirements, streamline operations, and gain a competitive advantage.”

Source: Gartner Research, Cloud Computing in Manufacturing Is Foundational Today and the Requirement to Operate in the Future, Rick Franzosa, 29th October 2020.

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