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OpenBots launches RPA automation QuickPack services

Ali Chaudhry of OpenBots

OpenBots, the open source RPA software company, has been introducing new tools, features, and capabilities to the RPA market regularly since their launch in November of 2020.

With a mission to eliminate bot licensing costs for enterprises, the OpenBots Team has created a unique service offering capable of introducing open source RPA into an organisation and igniting the transition from costly commercial bots to free and open source solutions.

OpenBots has announced the launch of OpenBots Automation QuickPacks. These short, two-month, automation service contracts are designed to provide RPA ROI results in a fixed amount of time.

By combining OpenBots software and professional RPA services, organisations are able to start a program using open source RPA or convert their existing commercial license program to OpenBots’ license-free platform to reduce program expenses and ROI thresholds.  

“Whether you are looking to launch RPA for the first time or scale your existing RPA program, QuickPacks allow you to rapidly deploy a pair of custom automations for a fixed price in a fixed time frame,” says Ali Chaudhry, chief strategy officer at OpenBots Inc. “We designed our RPA QuickPacks to help your organisation automate faster and with intelligence.”  

QuickPacks are comprised of OpenBots tool installation, an OpenBots Development and Deployment training classroom, two developer-made solutions or migrations from licensed RPA to open source, an assessment of up to 10 processes to priority rank the productivity gains for more intelligent scalability, and OpenBots Standard Support for developers and RPA users.

By including the Standard Support within the QuickPack purchase, organisations are able to both scale and manage their automations without needing to buy both services separately. The Standard Support Package includes unlimited bots and orchestration, product support via OpenBots’ website, a two business day response time for inquiries, two on-demand training webinars for developers, and priority access to product updates and patches. 

QuickPacks are the offering in the market that combines professional services with an open source platform; for enterprises looking to scale their RPA programs without increasing license costs, QuickPacks unlock promised RPA ROI. With the flexibility of bot growth unhindered by license fees programs can scale substantially and attainably.  

Pricing and more information on OpenBots QuickPacks can be found at here.

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