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Service claims to enable companies to deliver physical Infrastructure at software speed

Jack Hogan of Pure Storage

Equinix, Inc, reports that Equinix Metala has advanced its global scale, features and ability to enable as-a-Service consumption of the full value of Platform Equinix.

With these new and enhanced capabilities, Equinix Metal customers can consume interconnected infrastructure with the control of physical hardware and the low overhead and developer experience of the cloud, helping them move faster in today’s competitive environment.

The announcements include the expanded availability of Equinix Metal in 18 global metros, the addition of new networking features to support hybrid multicloud architectures, the certification of new software integrations on Equinix Metal, and the launch of a managed appliance as a Service solution.

As digital leaders seek to be in closer proximity to the hardware, software, clouds and networks that matter most to their businesses, many are turning to Equinix Metal to create new digital services with a DevOps-friendly approach for seamless deployment across their hybrid cloud infrastructures.

Many cloud-native companies are using Equinix Metal to locate their data “between the clouds,” adjacent to multicloud hubs for enhanced performance. Additionally, specialised hardware providers are accelerating the global rollouts of new, as a Service consumption options with Equinix Metal.

The company says that with Equinix Metal, businesses can activate infrastructure globally, connect it to thousands of partners in “the world’s largest technology ecosystem” and leverage DevOps tools to deploy, maintain and scale their applications to create digital advantage. Equinix will showcase these updates and livestream use cases and partner solutions during its one-day “Proximity” technical user conference.

Key facts

  • Equinix Metal is an automated, interconnected and secure bare metal service that applies a developer and API-first mindset to foundational infrastructure and provides a fully automated way for digital businesses to access the value of Platform Equinix via its collection of DevOps and open-source integrations.
  • A wide range of companies from SaaS leaders to Global 2000 enterprises are leveraging Equinix Metal to enter new regions, upgrade legacy infrastructure, improve performance, reduce latency, and reach clouds and end users more easily. More examples of how customers such as Comscore, Render, WhiteOps, Infiot, Bison Trails, Dizzion, Clear Street, Restream, Super League Gaming, Vissensa and Yottaa are using Equinix Metal to bring together all the right places, partners and possibilities to create the foundational infrastructure they need to succeed can be found here.
Mehdi Daoudi

Mehdi Daoudi, co-founder and CEO at Catchpoint says, “We are in the internet’s third act, where proximity and low latency unlock a new wave of innovation. As a long-time Equinix customer, we leverage infrastructure in many data centres around the world to deliver holistic and proactive digital experience monitoring capabilities to our global clients.

Using critical Catchpoint insights, our customers proactively monitor and optimise the digital experiences of billions of consumers and employees around the world. Equinix Metal lowers our barrier to enter new locations, democratising access to the edge, and showcases Equinix’s expanding platform vision. We are onboard and planning to roll out across all of Equinix Metal’s 18 new locations.”

Jack Hogan, VP of technology strategy, Pure Storage comments, “Our customers have asked for an interconnected Storage as a Service that helps them unify data across all of their environments. By partnering with Equinix Metal, we are able to deliver an embedded, joint, global, on-demand Bare Metal as a Service solution that provides a seamless experience that combines best-in-class storage, compute and low-latency connectivity to clouds, enterprises and other ecosystems.”

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