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New AI tech can identify any type of connected IT device

Lansweeper, the IT asset management platform provider, has added credential-free device recognition (CDR) technology to its platform, providing instant recognition of all devices connected to a network.

Credential-free device recognition is able to detect and recognise every device on the network even non-scannable devices without the need for background info or complex pre-configurations.

The technology is able to scan entire IT estates and recognise all devices by type, make, model and version of Operating System, simply by identifying the Media Access Control (MAC) address used.

Lansweeper CDR applies big data, AI and advanced machine-learning techniques to identify all device types with specialised device fingerprinting technology, boasting an unrivalled level of precision and visibility of connected data environments for company or home networks.

Lansweeper’s platform currently recognises more than 35 billion connected devices, leveraging a constantly growing dataset of more than 500 million unique devices identified to date.

Combined with Lansweeper agentless scanning technology, this latest release adds 80+ new device types and improved device categorisation to provide better accuracy.

Dave Goossens

“Combining this unique Device Recognition capability with our unmatched, agentless discovery capability is an important step in realising our ITAM 2.0 Vision – to enable every organisation to manage and secure their IT infrastructure by understanding their IT estate,” says Dave Goossens, CEO at Lansweeper.

“Every new device added to a network brings with it a responsibility to properly identify and manage new security vulnerabilities, and companies need to address these concerns as the number of connected devices rapidly increases. With this integration, we’re bringing unique device recognition into the fold to really make our vision of ITAM 2.0 come to life for businesses worldwide.”

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