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Industrial and automotive sectors using neuromorphic for AI compute

Adrien Sanchez of Yole Developpement

“AI is hungry for performance, and Moore’s law dynamics will not suffice to cover the needs of the ongoing 5G/IoT/AR/Robotic revolution. The ecosystem is and will stay R&D-oriented for the next 3 to 5 years.” asserts Adrien Sanchez, technology & market analyst, computing & software division at Yole Developpement (Yole).

“Brute force is currently being used to leverage the power of AI, but this approach is not scalable. It will hit a heat wall, a data wall, and a cost wall related to the ability of the semiconductor industry to deliver at a certain pace, Moore’s law, the incremental cost to performance improvements”.

Current AI computing will not deliver, so what AI technology would be necessary? Neuromorphic computing and sensing solutions, drawing inspiration from what happens in the brain, have key specificities to compete within the existing AI landscape and constraints.

These technologies will address most of the current challenges and could represent 20% of all AI computing & sensing by 2035.

In this context, Yole investigates disruptive technologies and related markets in depth, to point out the latest innovations and underline the business opportunities.

The Neuromorphic Computing and Sensing 2021 report, delivers an in-depth understanding of the neuromorphic ecosystem, and presents key technical insights and analyses regarding future technology trends and challenges. Including market trends and forecasts, supply chain, technology trends, technical insights and analysis, take away and outlook, this study also delivers an in-depth understanding of the ecosystem and main players’ strategies.

What is the status of the neuromorphic ecosystem? What are the economic and technological challenges? What are the key drivers? Who are the players to watch, and what innovative technologies are they working on?

Yole presents its vision of the neuromorphic computing and sensing technologies and the emerging applications behind…

To read the full story, please click: Neuromorphic for AI computing and sensing: disruptive technologies are here!

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