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Expleo and DataWhys partners to deliver AI-powered business solutions

Roch Thaller of Expleo

Expleo announces a global partnership with US-based AI start-up, DataWhys. The collaboration will combine the power of DataWhys’ easy-to-use AI and rule discovery platform with Expleo’s deep expertise across multiple industries to help businesses improve operational efficiencies as they digitalise their operations.

The DataWhys platform uses the power of AI in the form of a multiple parametre business rules engine to identify and analyse trends in data collected from various sources, such as IoT sensors.

Expleo works in Industry 4.0 and in Financial Services with customers looking to get value from the massive amount of data they collect, aiming to make better decisions, improve the efficiency of their operations and increase customer satisfaction. Using the DataWhys suite and applying the industry know-how of its experts, Expleo will develop innovative solutions to improve its customers’ efficiency or enable new service offerings.

Expleo and DataWhys will provide a joint service offering to customers across Banking, Insurance, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Transportation and Retail.

Guy Liegaux

Guy Liegaux, COO of DataWhys says of the partnership, “While businesses have more data available to them than ever before, it’s meaningless unless they can act on it quickly. The DataWhys platform gives businesses insights within minutes of loading their data. It helps identify and explain patterns, before prescribing the best courses of action to deliver optimal outcomes.”

Roch Thaller, COO of Expleo commented, “By supporting the digital transformation journeys of the world’s biggest brands across financial services, retail, aerospace and automotive, we have cultivated a deep understanding of the challenges businesses can face. We can apply the analysis which DataWhys’ platform provides and turn that into real business solutions, quickly and effectively.”

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