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‘Staff consumed by admin’ is biggest human capital management tech challenge

Charles Courquin of Symatrix

Nearly one in four IT decision-makers at large organisations (24%) rank ‘staff consumed by administrative tasks’ among the biggest challenges they face in managing their human capital management (HCM)/ enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems today, with one in five (20%) citing ‘lack of skilled support and resources’ and 19% highlighting a ‘lack of workforce/performance management technology’.

These were among the headline findings of new research commissioned by ERP, HCM and outsourced payroll services provider, Symatrix, polling the opinions of IT decision-makers in a range of organisations with more than 1,000 employees.

The problems extend to ‘evolving existing systems or implementing new ones’ with 42% of IT decision-makers referencing ‘lack of in-house skills’ among the main issues faced in implementing HCM/ERP systems in the cloud, well ahead of every option apart from ‘difficulties integrating systems’ (also 42%).

Charles Courquin, director, Symatrix says “Firms are clearly struggling to manage HCM and ERP systems with the in-house skills that they have in place today. There is a push to the cloud to drive efficiencies.

“34% of respondents see a reduction in administration costs among the main benefits they expect to achieve from having their HCM/ERP systems in the cloud,” added Courquin, “but again in-house resources are an issue when it comes to implementing and running these systems. That’s where outsourcing the work and investing in managed services solutions can be such a benefit.”

‘Improved employee experience’, referenced by 23% of respondents, and improvements in employee engagement (19%) were seen as among the biggest benefits that respondents had struggled to achieve when investing in ERP/HCM in the past.

Moreover, 36% ranked ‘improvements in employee engagement’ amongst the ways they measure the value of their investment in HCM/ERP systems today, and 32% said they expected ‘improved employee experience’ to be one of the most influential driver(s) behind their HCM / ERP strategy post-pandemic.

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