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Informatica launches unified data governance and catalogue-as-a-service in the cloud

Jitesh Ghai of Informatica

Enterprise cloud data management firm, Informatica, has announced an enterprise-scale, seamless data governance and Catalogue as-a-service. Designed to help enterprises reimagine and modernise their data and analytics governance programs, the comprehensive solution brings together data cataloging, quality, data and AI governance capabilities with unified metadata-driven intelligence natively in the cloud.

According to Accenture, 81% of businesses still don’t have a solid data strategy to use the full potential of their data, and 84% don’t have the data platform they need. Without quality-assuring governance, companies miss out on data-driven opportunities. To truly transform and drive business value, enterprises need trusted data and trusted AI.

“In our mission to be a data-driven healthcare organisation, Franciscan has built an enterprise-wide data governance framework that enables us to have access to trusted data and insights that help us enhance our patient care,” says, Mohamed Humaidi, VP, healthcare data and analytics, Franciscan Alliance, a rapidly growing healthcare system in northern and central Indiana. 

“Informatica’s cloud data governance and Catalogue solution will enable us to integrate and govern data, all while building end users’ trust in the accuracy of our data analytics. Trusted data is critical to enhancing patient care.”

A key component of Informatica’s Intelligent Data Management Cloud (IDMC), the new Cloud Data Governance & Catalogue solution enables companies to accelerate trusted insights through

data and analytics governance and derive business value from cloud analytics and AI faster than ever before.

Key benefits include:

  • Deliver trusted insights for agile data-driven decision-making and value creation in the cloud: As companies race to modernise in the cloud, there’s limited understanding and minimal governance of cloud data stores (e.g., cloud data warehouses, data lakes), with a focus on infrastructure and data movement at the expense of data intelligence. The new Informatica Cloud Data Governance and Catalogue provides a cloud-native SaaS solution for data intelligence, enabling customers to easily find, understand, trust, and access the data needed for cloud analytics and data science.
  • Build trust in AI with integrated solution for both data and AI governance: Cloud Data Governance and Catalogue provides the industry’s integrated solution for governing both the AI models and the data that feeds the models. AI model governance enables organisations to understand what models are available, their inputs and outputs, and how they are performing. Organisations can set governance policies to track and improve the quality of the model’s data inputs and model performance, reduce bias, and ensure that analytic insights and actions are in compliance with data usage and governance policies. It delivers the organisational visibility and understanding required to promote re-use, enhance explainability, and build trust in AI. Now organisations can confidently fuel innovation and growth in the cloud with trusted insights from trusted AI.
  • Kick start cloud analytics governance with consumption-based pricing: Customers can get started instantaneously with a flexible consumption-based pricing model, enabling enterprises to scale and adopt their data and analytics governance programs at a pace that best suits their needs.By leveraging the capabilities in the cloud, there is no infrastructure to deploy or manage, resulting in lower operational costs and faster time to value. Informatica’s Informatica Processing Units (IPU) approach allows customers to pay for what they use, within Cloud Data Governance and Catalogue and across all the other data management capabilities on IDMC.

“The demand for access to trusted data and actionable intelligence has never been greater,” says, Jitesh Ghai, chief product officer, Informatica. “Our Cloud Data Governance & Catalogue solution with the industry’s holistic data and AI governance is a big step towards helping enterprises truly operationalise an AI-powered cloud first, cloud-native approach to digital transformation.”

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