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Quarky – reconfigurable robot kit that teaches kids AI through play

STEMpedia is launching a new artificial intelligence (AI) learning kit that its makers say will transform the conventional learning system as we know it. Named Quarky, the kit allows kids aged 7-14 years old to enjoy the thrill of emerging technologies by indulging in hands-on learning. Quarky opens a world of possibilities for kids as they learn, innovate and grow.

Being much more than just an educational kit, it allows them to explore real-world application-based concepts of AI, robotics, and programming. Kids can learn and unleash their curiosity by building DIY robots based on machine learning, speech recognition, face recognition, and much more, thereby making their own Alexa, self-driving cars, face-unlocks, and whatnot!

Quarky is available in three variations:Innovator kit, Ultimate kit, and Rover Add-on kit. The Innovator kit ignites the spirit of the young innovators, while the Ultimate kit helps them to deepen their understanding of advanced AI & robotics. Finally, the Rover Kit allows young space enthusiasts to build their own Perseverance rover to traverse the Martian surface.

Quarky is accompanied by online courses curated and taught by expert educators. In addition, each course has a capstone project that allows kids to assess their knowledge by using the kit to learn industry-standard concepts. Quarky will be launched on Kickstarter on 17th August and aims to change the way we look at AI and robotics for children.

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