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Revnue Corp disrupts space with AI-based contract management platform

Sunny Sharma of Revnue

Revnue Corp. has announced the global availability of its AI-powered Contract Management Platform that empowers businesses to leverage contract intelligence for strategic planning, digital transformations, and operational efficiency.

The platform’s smart capabilities include end-to-end contract management, a powerful API for enterprise-wide integrations, integrated security features, advanced analytics, and built within an easy to use, and intuitive interface.

The launch also introduces Revnue’s game changing Smart Repository feature that seamlessly stores, tracks, and manages contracts, assets, services, and SaaS documents.

Other key launch features include Smart Search, Smart Inbox, Smart Reminders, and multi-user support. Revnue has immediate plans to release two additional modules: Rev[AI] and a powerful SaaS management module, further demonstrating Revnue’s ability to rapidly bring key capabilities to meet the needs of global businesses.

“We are thrilled to officially launch Revnue”, says Sunny Sharma, founder and CEO at Revnue. “Our platform provides a unified view and full traceability through the entire contract management lifecycle, on both the buy side as well as sell side.

It is designed to support decision-making across multiple functions such as Procurement, Finance, IT, Operations, Marketing, and Legal, across any vertical. With Revnue, customers of any size and across any industry can leverage contract intelligence as a strategic business advantage.”

The founders at Revnue believe that the current contract management space lacks a unified view. Revnue addresses this gap by offering integrated asset and supplier management capabilities alongside next-generation contract management features.

“We leverage advanced AI/ML technologies and self-learning capabilities to streamline and simplify the contract management process. With that, Rev[AI] allows us to extract more than just contract metadata. We can now intelligently capture terms and conditions, asset information, supplier information, perform auto-discovery of SaaS subscriptions, and so much more. Our Smart Repository simplifies the customer experience by allowing multi-channel data ingestion, including email, scanning, and support for multi-format document types, which in turn also makes it easy to keep the document repository up to date and secure.

 Michael Ngo

Additionally, enterprise-wide integrations through APIs help integrate Revnue with business and operational systems across the enterprise, further delivering a seamless experience,” says Michael Ngo, founder and CTO. “The power of extensibility enables unlimited use cases across contract management, asset management, SaaS management, supplier management, and more.”

“We are committed to providing our customers with software and services that meet the highest standards of reliability and security. Our intuitive, easy-to-use platform along with a rapidly growing global partner ecosystem ensures easy on-boarding and quick results,” adds John Cortez, founder and COO.

“With Revnue, we aim to transform contract management into a strategic game-changer. We are finally bringing contract management to every customer world-wide and providing a rich set of solutions and services to make this a system of truth for our customers.”

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