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Terra Virtua transitions to Polygon as it aims for an environmentally friendly blockchain

Jawad Ashraf of Terra Virtua

Terra Virtua, the social, digital collectibles platform, has announced that it has switched from Ethereum to the Polygon blockchain. The move to the greener and scaled blockchain solution marks a major step towards creating a more sustainable Non Fungible Tokens (NFT) ecosystem, laying the foundations for future growth.

Now, through the adoption of Polygon a protocol and framework for building and connecting Ethereum-compatible blockchain networks NFTs will also become greener as it will take less energy to produce and certify them.

Leaner and greener NFTs

The carbon footprint of NFTs has been impacting the reputation of the industry and, as such, Terra Virtua has been looking for a new, energy efficient blockchain solution to produce its digital assets. The transition to Polygon will see the re-minting of all unsold Ethereum based collectibles, guaranteeing that all newly minted items will require only minimal energy usage.

By reducing the energy used to create a single NFT by 99.9%. Previously, minting an NFT on Ethereum used the same amount of energy required to publish 83 paperback books. Moving forwards for Terra Virtua, the energy consumed will be the equivalent of sending just two emails.

Terra Virtua CTO and co-founder, Jawad Ashraf commented, “The move to Polygon is a significant step for us as a business. Our mission is to revolutionise how audiences engage with NFTs and make them accessible to everyone, but we believe that the environment shouldn’t have to pay the price for this new game-changing technology.

By harnessing the power of this new blockchain, we can ensure that our NFTs are limiting their impact. We want to make sure that digital assets have a future and a platform to live and thrive on that all starts from a more sustainable blockchain.”

Enhancing the user experience with Terra Virtua 2.0

The move from Ethereum to Polygon is part of a wider business upgrade as Terra Virtua moves out of beta testing to its ‘phase two’ in essence the re-launching of the platform. Optimising the proposition from learnings gained in the beta phase the business has plans to refresh its website and app, as well as adding a number of exciting new features to the platform, built with the user experience at heart of everything they doin addition to launching a number of new licensing partnerships with global intellectual properties. 

Sandeep Nailwal

Sandeep Nailwal, COO & co-founder at Polygon commented, “Terra Virtua has built an immersive collectibles platform that will now be supercharged with a greener and more sustainable Non Fungible Tokens (NFT) ecosystem. What sets Terra Virtua apart is their strong focus on user adoption and a host of top-tier partners, and we’re excited that Terra Virtua will be on Polygon!”

Last chance before it’s all (Poly)gone

Before the remaining collection is removed on a permanent basis from the Ethereum blockchain, Terra Virtua is giving users one last chance to purchase its first generation NFTs until the 22nd August. 

Ashraf continued, “This is an incredible opportunity for our users to purchase a one of a kind NFT before it is permanently removed from our marketplace. Once we switch to Polygon, those who have taken advantage of the offer will own a rare item in their collection which will increase its value as a collectible. ” 

To learn more about Terra Virtua and its marketplace, please visit here.

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