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WiteSand partners with Computacenter to offer plug-n-play networking to enterprises globally

Sean Stanton of WiteSand

WiteSand, the company delivering Enterprise Networking-as-a-Utility, has formed a global reseller partnership with Computacenter, an independent technology partner supporting large corporate and public sector organisations.

To support its customers’ digital transformation initiatives, particularly in modernising network infrastructure, Computacenter will offer WiteSand’s cloud-delivered suite of services, designed to simplify and secure the provisioning, deployment, and operations of enterprise campus networks.

Computacenter combines global reach with local expertise, helping its customers to source, transform and manage their IT infrastructure, enabling businesses and their users to take advantage of digital technologies. As a global, publicly-traded company with $6.9 billion (€5.83 billion) in 2020 revenue, Computacenter services customers across more than 70 countries, with over 5,000 engineers managing 7.2 million events per year.

Computacenter customers will be able to take advantage of WiteSand’s cloud-native, multi-tenant solution that provides asset discovery, network access control (NAC), wired and wireless provisioning, monitoring, and flow analytics. WiteSand combines all the functionality that was previously contained within other tools in a single cloud-based interface. Because WiteSand is vendor and platform-agnostic, it can support a customer’s existing hardware to take advantage of the benefits of enterprise campus networking in the cloud.

Globally, Computacenter’s enterprise customers will be able to easily manage the networks of all their campuses, remote offices, factories, logistics centres, retail sites, and more. With WiteSand’s Network Time Machine, they will be able to examine the complete history of events and changes in the network at any point in time across all locations, covering IoT, BYOD, guest and corporate devices.

Jason Kraft

“WiteSand’s team has an incredible history of industry disruption,” says Jason Kraft, VP of sales, Computacenter. “We have seen their success firsthand by partnering with Insieme Networks, Nuova Systems and Andiamo, which all became foundational pieces of Cisco’s platforms. We’re excited to partner once again to start a new chapter in the constant evolution of networking and security.”

“The WiteSand partnership gives us the opportunity to provide a wholistic SaaS-based solution to customer’s complex, multi-vendor environments,” says Jessica Fouse, director of software management, Computacenter. “This is a request that we have seen from many customers and we are excited for the opportunity ahead with this solution.”

“I have had the pleasure of working with the team at Computacenter for several years across multiple roles,” says Sean Stanton, vice president of sales, WiteSand. “Throughout all our collaborations, the depth of technical knowledge has always shined through, which consistently leads to driving meaningful business outcomes for their customers. It’s no surprise they are a $7 billion (€5.92 billion)global powerhouse, and we are thrilled to have Computacenter as an Authorised Reseller Partner for WiteSand.”

WiteSand is working with partners to deliver to end customers a suite of tools that are platform-agnostic, work in any environment, and aren’t tied to any single vendor. Learn more about WiteSand’s partnership program by visiting here.

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