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Blockchain now demystified: As important as AI, transformative as the internet

Companies that embrace blockchain achieve more and cite it as key to protecting data and unlocking productivity savings, but what is it and how does it work? Now a new book, Blockchain Impact! by Dr Christian de Vartavan brings together the views and stories from 17 CEOs and senior execs that testify adoption of this tamper-proof means of recording information has revolutionised their business and drives innovation.

It also presents the first ‘inside story’ of how blockchain came to be invented drawing on exchanges with one of the technology’s founding fathers.

With far-reaching applications, Blockchain Impact! is aimed at for all senior business executives, strategists and those keen to learn more about this new technology’s potential as a commercial game-changer.

Aiming to be the definitive myth buster on all things blockchain, the timing of this book couldn’t be more pertinent. Emerging from the ravages of the pandemic, many businesses find themselves in financial jeopardy whilst others are struggling to remain in business. Dr Christian de Vartavan’s detailing of blockchain is the catalyst to unlocking the savings many companies need to be the difference between bankruptcy or thriving.

This publication also claims to be world first, with the editor having converted the entire contents of Blockchain Impact! into a ‘hash’ (one of the blocks in a long series of never-ending blocks which are stacked onto each other forever), readers are literally holding a block of blockchain as they read. The ‘hash’ is printed on the back cover, alongside the ISBN number and a QR code, instantly providing a relatable use case demonstrating how blockchain can be used in book publishing to protect intellectual property and royalties.

Intelligent and immersive, Dr de Vartavan’s Blockchain Impact! is written as a one-stop-guide to blockchain its history, its diverse applications and its potential as the next world changing technology

Blockchain Impact! is an introduction to blockchain technology, bringing together an outstanding collection of case studies across several sectors. Fifteen global companies share their blockchain stories, demonstrating how it’s helping make their businesses more successful, more productive, and solving problems in areas as diverse as supply chain logistics, IP, data protection and climate change.

Blockchain is a commercial game changer for those who learn about this new technology. Businesses that adopt it achieve more for their companies or projects. From space satellites, supply chains and FinTech, to healthcare, climate action and education, blockchain is raising the bar for security, privacy, productivity, and innovation. Blockchain Impact! shows that its impact on our world is not only already economically and technologically transformative, but scarcely at the cusp of its potential.

Blockchain Impact! also presents a firsthand account of how the blockchain technology was invented as its consultant editor is in direct contact with one of blockchain’s founding fathers.

The author, Dr Christian de Vartavan FLS FRSA is a scholar, writer, author of 10 other books, and chief executive of Projectis. He is a member of UK Parliament’s APPG on blockchain and APPG on AI, and in 2018 led a blockchain company to success as the winner of a Parliamentary competition. He gave the UK Police SIO (Senior Investigation Officers) 2020 Blockchain Masterclass in Birmingham and consults on technology solutions and innovations.

Christian set up Projectis Publishing during lockdown as an offshoot of his technology company. He has already signed a number of authors and plans to publish 10 titles a year ranging from technology to literary fiction, poetry and non-fiction. Projectis Publishing’s second title, The Dilly Dong Bell by sports broadcaster Lee Wellings is due out before Christmas 2021.

Published by Projectis Publishing Blockchain Impact! is available to purchase (priced at UK£25 (€29.30)) here.

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