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SSI sees 12% reduction in monthly cloud spend with Virtana optimise

Virtana, the AIOps observability company for hybrid cloud, brings cloud usage efficiencies to agribusiness software company, Software Solutions Integrated (SSI).

Using Virtana Optimise, SSI was able to take control of their AWS costs by rightsising instances, eliminating idle resources, and improving planning.

These three actions alone resulted in a 12% reduction in monthly spend.

“While a 12% savings may not sound huge,” says, Darin Russell, IS team lead at SSI, “this is a big impact considering it represents only a small subset of total actions we are able to take thanks to Virtana optimise.”

SSI is a developer of agribusiness software with over 3,200 customer locations throughout the US and Canada. Their Agvance software enables agriculture retailers to integrate business process functions from every facet of their operations.

From diversified cooperatives to national retailers, SSI has a proven process and track record for successful software implementations. SSI’s Agvance IT team is using the Virtana Optimise module of Virtana Platform to understand their AWS spend.

This includes seeing where costs are coming from and identifying opportunities to reduce those costs across multiple areas of business.

With ongoing development, as well as evolving business initiatives, it is a constantly changing environment that is difficult to keep continuously optimised without the precision, high-definition observability Virtana provides.

Virtana Optimise is allowing customers to scale smarter to meet their digital transformation goals, helping them optimise their capacity and cost in real-time, on an ongoing basis.

The SaaS solution’s intelligent observability enables customers to get full visibility into all cloud costs and identify unused resources that can be eliminated. Its real-time data collection and analytics ensure customers can stay on budget even as conditions and options change, plus they can improve programmatic discount planning to maximise savings.

Kash Shaikh, president and CEO of Virtana, says, “Enterprise cloud waste is a huge problem and it impedes digital transformation. Cloud configurations are also becoming more complex.

“Our mission is to make sure companies are able to simplify cloud and workload placements in a smart way to create a sustainable competitive advantage that matters. Our Optimise module is demystifying cloud costs, eliminating waste, and capturing long-term savings for customers.

“I am very proud of my team for bringing this innovation to enterprises around the world to accelerate their digital transformation journeys.”

Virtana Optimise is available now. Connect with a Virtana specialist to learn how to scale your cloud smarter with optimisation and cost savings:

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