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F-Secure SENSE becomes Zyxel’s third-party offering deployed by containers

Tom Gaffney of F-Secure

Cyber security provider F-Secure and broadband networking solutions provider Zyxel Communications are working together to help people and families protect all their internet-connected devices.

The two companies have now released F-Secure SENSE as a container-based solution to streamline how operators can provide and maintain security services for their broadband customers.

Zyxel has provided F-Secure SENSE a solution for service providers that combines gateway security and endpoint protection to operators as a firmware upgrade on select home gateways since 2019. Thanks to the new containers offered by Zyxel, operators can now push F-Secure SENSE out to select Zyxel gateways without using firmware updates.

“Delivering new services and lifecycle management are significant pain points for telecommunications companies that manage devices for thousands or even millions of customers. Containers simplify this for operators so they can focus on providing customers with new, better services,” says James Harris, senior product director at Zyxel. “We have a strong partnership with F-Secure, so we’re thrilled to offer F-Secure SENSE as our first third-party application container.”

Containers are lightweight packages of software that include everything an application needs to run on a host. Containerised applications or services, such as F-Secure SENSE, are simple to deploy as containers isolate these apps from a device’s underlying infrastructure.

Operators are well-positioned to simplify how consumers purchase security solutions. 64% of respondents to an F-Secure survey conducted in 2021 said that they would purchase their security/privacy solutions from their internet service provider up from 60% in a 2018 survey, and 56% in a survey from 2015.

“Operators can struggle to launch services in a timely way. Moving to a containerised environment on the router will streamline the deployment and lifecycle management of applications on these devices,” says Tom Gaffney, principal consultant for F-Secure’s consumer security business. “In the case of SENSE, operators can now deploy cyber security services to their customers quickly and efficiently, shortening their time-to-revenue significantly.”

Operators can find more information about F-Secure SENSE here.

F-Secure at the Broadband World Forum

F-Secure is appearing both physically (October 13-14 in Amsterdam) and virtually (October 11-15) at this year’s Broadband World Forum to help the telecommunications industry learn how they can help protect people online.

With over 200 operator partners across the globe, F-Secure is the telecommunications industry’s go-to source for consumer cyber security solutions. The company delivers connected home solutions customised for service providers through collaborations with multiple router vendors.

More information about F-Secure’s activities at the Broadband World Forum are available here.

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