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ActiveOps enhances ControliQ with key management process automations for hybrid workplace

ActiveOps PLC, the provider of management process automation (MPA) solutions for enterprises, announced major updates to its ControliQ workforce management (WFM) software.

Two new innovative features an interactive digital dashboard and planning tool and a real-time control report have been introduced to make operational short-term planning and control more efficient and effective for back-office operations. This will result in more accurate plans and faster decisions as well as delivering even more powerful automation for enterprises looking to improve productivity and efficiency while also protecting employee wellbeing. 

Julian Harper, chief revenue officer, ActiveOps, states, “As the operations become more complex and require more speed, WFM solutions need to evolve to support new ways of working and enable more effective, efficient, agile management, providing real-time performance metrics and enable better engagement and collaboration in remote and hybrid environments.

Traditional ways of operational planning and control such as complex spreadsheets and whiteboard planning sessions are not fit for operations today and the future of operations and companies increasingly discover that the systems and protocols they have in place don’t work anymore as they can’t operate at the speed and precision the business requires.”

Richard Jeffery

The enhancements enable the automation of time-consuming tasks that operations managers have to undertake to balance work and resources in plans and ensure plans are on track, whilst providing real-time performance and planning data insights to enable in-time adjustments. This gives even more time to managers to focus on their employee development through cross-skilling, providing training opportunities and in-the-moment coaching – positively impacting talent retention, in a time when employee attrition is soaring.

“Crucially, the enhancements make it easier to follow the Active Operations Management (AOM) methodology that underpins the ActiveOps platform. ControliQ combined with AOM, has routinely delivered 15% increase in productivity to operations, by enabling them to deploy resources effectively, react to rapid changes in business needs and ensure forecasts and plans built are balanced to achieve business objectives. By improving planning and control the potential improvements in productivity, service and costs are even higher,” adds Harper.

The interactive planner delivers effective and efficient planning for department managers and team leaders in a remote environment. It eliminates the need to update multiple plans, delivering more accurate plans and helps embed Active Operations Management practices into their operations. 

Control reports enable ControliQ users to access the insights needed to make in-period adjustments to their plans. It enables effortless comparison of every team’s progress, combined with the ability to drill down into the data to see specific details- at operations, department, team and individual level.

Operations can finally ditch complicated Excel spreadsheets and get a simpler, more structured view of their plans. With the improved automation central planners, operations leaders and managers will find these capabilities are changing the game for their work, as they are able to create a simple, structured view of plans for an entire department or organisation, in just a few clicks. A top-down view to look at teams and individuals means that planners have a great deal of control over all plans they create, knowing they work with the team plans to deliver key work. All while removing the time and coordination of spreadsheet consolidation.

“These enhancements have been made in response to feedback from our customers,” adds Stuart Pugh, chief customer Officer at ActiveOps. “We know that they are navigating new challenges such as successfully managing hybrid work environments and shifting processes to address challenges around employee burnout.

With so much going on for our customers, it was important for us to automate as many management processes as possible to empower operations leaders and their teams. Planning and control are crucial part of this. These improvements also mean the transformative potential of ControliQ for organisations new to our platform is greater than ever before.”

ControliQ enhancements have been delivered to all licensed customers on the ActiveOps cloud within the Microsoft Azure platform. New customers will obtain all the latest versions upon onboarding. 

To find out more about ControliQ, the latest enhancements, and to book a demo, click here.

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