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Stronger and safer edge AI solutions the goal for partners Advantech, Allxon and Trend Micro

IPC provider, Advantech, has launched edge AI (artificial intelligence) inference systems that meet rising demands for AI image recognition. As AI devices are widely deployed at the edge, remote management and information security at the cloud/edge remain key concerns.

Advantech collaborated with Allxon on remote Edge-AI device management solutions in 2020. Now, Allxon is collaborating with cybersecurity software company Trend Micro‘s IoT security (TMIS) division in an effort to create stronger premier security features.

The exploding popularity of edge AI solutions creates new AIoT threats that target mission-critical operation technology. Consequently, providing maximum protection through a range of system hardening and risk detection features both in the cloud and at the industrial edge is vitally important. Indeed, adding IoT protection with disaster recovery functions delivers the safety and convenience needed for industrial operation technology.

Managing large-scale AIoT challenges: Remote management and information security

Remote management: Allxon Device Management Solutions (DMS) provide a wide range of centralised cloud-device systems that help businesses avoid multi-platform interface management difficulties associated with mass deployment. Using Advantech MIC-AI’s flexible iDoor Mini PCIe enables these systems to directly connect to the internet via LAN and control an integrated reset pin. This in turn enables Allxon DMS to reset MIC-AI remotely during a system crash. As a preferred NVIDIA partner, Allxon delivers diverse functionality to NVIDIA Jetson these functions include secure and remote recovery mode triggering, system log automatic upload/download, over-the-air (OTA) deployment, and out-of-band (OOB) power cycling.

Information security: Trend Micro’s threat intelligence leverages a combination of vulnerability checks and proprietary Web Reputation Services to engender enhanced security and blacklisting respectively. Likewise, Trend Micro’s Approved Application Listing restricts on-device operations to authorised script files and applications. Allxon’s over-the-air (OTA) updates enable users install and update Trend Micro IoT Security on edge devices remotely while blocking suspicious activities and potential attacks. Similarly, Allxon Portal optimises and secures Advantech MIC-AI devices by further enabling remote monitoring.

In sum, this collaboration between Advantech, Allxon, and Trend Micro will deliver excellent security and remote device monitoring/management solutions that address diverse management and security challenges. Now, deploying or updating new systems using Advantech MIC-AIs is safe and efficient at any scale and in any environment.

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