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Vontobel scales Appian robotic process automation (RPA) across the company

Dirk Pohla of Appian

London, UK. 26 October 2021 – Appian announced that Vontobel, a globally operating financial expert with Swiss roots, is deploying Appian Robotic Process Automation (RPA) across the company to accelerate its business transformation and automation initiatives. Vontobel began using the Appian Low-Code Platform in 2016 to streamline operational business processes from front-line customer service to back-office governance, risk, and compliance.

The Appian platform architecture allows Vontobel to add Appian RPA capabilities in the cloud to the bank’s on-premise Appian deployment: the RPA bots run on-premise to automate tasks and update records, while the management and orchestration of bots remains in a secured local cloud. As such, all sensitive customer data remains on-premise and in full control of the investment firm, meeting the region’s stringent data privacy and protection laws. Adding Appian RPA provides Vontobel with a complete automation solution, enabling them to scale and grow the business efficiently and securely on one platform.

The Zurich-headquartered investment firm is specialised in wealth management, active asset management and investment solutions. Appian RPA automates Vontobel’s manual processes for handling investment assets, banking products, and other operational workflows. The bots make a significant contribution to reductions in process times and operating costs, while also improving data quality for the bank. In addition, Appian RPA monitors all bots and automated processes with real time analytics and dashboards, enabling Vontobel to have better operational oversight for risk management and regulatory compliance.

Vontobel can create Appian bots with low-code visual design and deploy them quickly, knowing that no business data needs to go through the cloud but rather, stay in Vontobel’s on-premise environment. Additionally, Appian RPA allows a quick and easy implementation in Vontobel’s existing IT architecture with seamless integration.

As part of the Appian Low-Code Platform, Appian RPA enables the rapid scaling of robotic process automation across the enterprise at a low total cost of ownership. Based on Appian’s license model, Vontobel can build an unlimited number of Appian RPA bots for a flat fee and deploy them on Windows and Linux environments for greater flexibility and higher Return of Investment (ROI).

“We are very proud that Vontobel chose Appian RPA to automate their mission-critical processes and continue to partner with us on their business transformation journey,” says, Dirk Pohla, regional vice president of Appian DACH. “Together with Vontobel, we have demonstrated that Appian RPA as part of the Appian Low-Code Platform can bring significant value and deliver impact quickly to benefit any organisation, regardless of their choice to go with an on-premise or cloud-based deployment model.”

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