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Forsta partners with Lumoa to deliver powerful, AI-driven analytics

Johanna Sinkkonen of Lumoa

New York and London and Oslo, Norway 1 November, 2021 – Forsta, the Customer Experience and Research Technology company created earlier this year by the merger of Confirmit, FocusVision and Dapresy, is announcing its partnership with Lumoa, an AI-powered insight platform.

The Lumoa platform has been integrated into Forsta’s experience platform to provide advanced AI-driven analytics to customers seeking to quickly identify the trends and insights that matter the most.

Forsta offers scalable Voice of the Customer (VoC), Voice of the Employee (VoE), and survey options, from quick polls to advanced data collection, that fuel actionable insights in real-time. Tailored for any device, respondents can engage from anywhere through proprietary machine-learning technology that automatically detects question types and answer options, translating them into an online survey that can be reviewed and customised.

The combination of Forsta and Lumoa takes feedback one step further by applying AI to unstructured data and removing the need for manual analysis. Both solutions also support more than 60 international languages.

Giles Whiting

“Forsta is very excited about what has already been proven and what’s ahead for our partnership with Lumoa,” says Giles Whiting, chief operating officer and managing director, VoC and VoE, at Forsta. “Leveraging both of our best-in-class offerings, our clients now have the ability to apply proprietary AI tools to unstructured feedback at scale, and generate more meaningful insights from their VoC, VoE, and market research programmes.”

“We’re excited to partner with the team at Forsta. They share our passion for innovation and helping companies to become truly customer-centric in their decision making, as well as our focus on providing insights solutions that are easy to use and fast to implement,” says Johanna Sinkkonen, CEO at Lumoa. “Several of Forsta’s customers are already benefitting from Lumoa’s AI-powered tools that help uncover new, actionable insights. We look forward to continued partnership.”

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