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Telefonica Tech acquires Geprom to boost its capabilities in Industry 4.0

Gonzalo Martin-Villa of Telefonica Tech

Madrid. 23 December 2021- Telefonica Tech continues its growth story by announcing the signing of a contract for the acquisition of Geprom, a technology-based engineering company headquartered in Spain specialising in industrial automation and the digital transformation of existing factory production processes.

With this transaction, Telefonica Tech will strengthen the capabilities of its Internet of Things (IoT) and Big Data division, led by Gonzalo Martin-Villa, and will enhance the company’s positioning in the key industrial sector.

Geprom has over 40 professional experts in Industry and has a strong network of partners and top-tier customers that it accompanies in the development and integration of turnkey projects in the areas of planning, production, quality control, logistics and specialised maintenance.

Its business focuses on the implementation of end-to-end technological solutions in the factory, covering the entire value chain, from the sensor, the automation line operator, to the strategic layers of factory control (MOM) or disruptive tools such as the digital twin, through to the design and robotisation of facilities, commissioning, development and the interconnection between systems with a strong component of innovation.

The digital development of the industrial sector is one of Telefonica Tech’s priority business lines, with a portfolio of high value-added products and services that encompasses not only the sensorisation and analysis of data to create truly connected factories, but also the application of cloud technologies, artificial intelligence and cyber security services to help companies become more efficient, competitive and sustainable.

“The acquisition of Geprom will allow us to enhance and increase our capabilities and offer a more complete and innovative service for the digital transformation of the industrial sector. At Telefonica Tech we have a portfolio of services focused on the digitalisation and security of Industry, which will undoubtedly be boosted by the increased deployment of 5G,” says Gonzalo Martin-Villa, CEO of IoT and Big Data at Telefonica Tech.

“We have always believed that the success of the digital transformation of industry starts with focusing on the technological needs of the factory combined with the talent of the people. This transaction will allow us to accompany customers towards the Smart Factory with more capabilities and services, by combining our expertise in Industry with Telefonica Tech’s extensive value proposition and experience in this sector in areas such as connectivity, communications and infrastructure, key services to ensure the digital transformation of industry”, explains Dario Cesena, CEO of Geprom.

Telefonica Tech closed the first nine months of the year with a 25.5% increase in revenues and expects to continue with double-digit growth thanks to the opportunity represented by the Telefonica Group’s more than 5.5 million B2B customers.

A growth story

The acquisition of Geprom is a further step in the organic and inorganic growth plan that Telefonica Tech set itself following its creation in November 2019 to consolidate its position as the company in digital transformation.

Since then, Telefonica Tech has been expanding its portfolio with new Cloud, Cyber Security, Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data and Blockchain services and products, and it has made strategic acquisitions to consolidate its leadership. So far this year, Telefonica Tech has acquired Cancom UK&I(now Telefonica Tech UK&I) for €398 million, a company with 600 professionals that is accredited as a Microsoft Gold Partner in nine disciplines and offers professional and managed services in advanced IT, Cyber Security and Multicloud solutions.

Earlier in the year, it bought Altostratus , specialising in multicloud services and a Google Cloud Premier Partner for southern Europe, and it integrated acens, the cloud services company for SMEs that has belonged to the Telefonica Group since 2011.

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