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New VOGHION platform to seize opportunities in the European e-commerce sector

London.1 Jan, 2022 – In 2021, the massive impact of the coronavirus pandemic on e-commerce trends around the world continued, consumers to go digital faster than ever. The global e-commerce market was expected to reach US$ 4.89 billion (€4.31 billion) in 2021.

E-commerce use is on the rise across Europe, as the number and market share of online shoppers is increasing every year. To date, almost half (47%) of the main online shops in the EU have a mobile app. This figure is expected to increase over the next few years, demonstrating that borderless e-commerce is becoming a profitable option for online retailers.

Newly created Voghion B2C e-commerce app is seizing new opportunities in Europe. The name of this brand founded in London in 2021 is a combination of “Vogue” and “Fashion”. Founder and CEO Star Yang is a entrepreneur in the e-commerce industry and his management team is made up of people who have worked in ecommerce companies with over 10 years of experience in this industry.

According to Mr. Star, “ Voghion is dedicated to bringing high quality products and a perfect shopping experience to consumers all over the world. Our goal is to become the most consumer-centric e-commerce platform in the world, with local operations centres and customer service teams. “

Currently, Voghion ships to over 150 countries and territories worldwide, and thousands of suppliers selling millions of SKUs online are signing up. The items on offer range from sartorial fashion to lifestyle and its catalogue mainly focuses on women’s clothing. However, Voghion also offers men’s clothing, children’s clothing, bags and accessories, footwear, health and beauty products, electronics, home products, smart home items and more. This app has reached 200,000 monthly users and increased to 10,000 daily members.

An efficient and safe global distribution experience, fully secure and convenient payment experience, strict protection of consumer privacy, diverse daily promotions and exclusive discounts, as well as comprehensive after-sales services are among others the proposition. core value of Voghion.

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