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Productivity wearable tool FOCI 2 ‘trending No. 1’ in popularity of all Kickstarter projects

FOCI 2 Launch Image

Tinylogics has launched FOCI 2, its second generation productivity wearable tool. It is an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered productivity tool with five types of distraction alerts, advanced productivity tracking, and four levels of focus skills training. It was funded in an hour, and reportedly has been trending #1 of all Kickstarter projects.

With a productivity tracking that rivals electroencephalogram (EEG), in two days of machine learning to customise to the wearer’s breathing pattern, FOCI 2 affords advance warning on poor work states such as fatigue and distraction. Biofeedback training then enables wearers to adjust to a better working state.

Pre-orders are now available on Kickstarter, and backers are expected to receive their products in April of this year. Launch prices start from US$79 (€70.03) for with limited discounts of over 40% off MSRP for the first backers.

“Work smart, play hard is what it’s really about” says, Mick Adams at FOCI. “It is not how hard you work. Back in school, we saw so many hard workers who didn’t do as well as they should. The leverage of working smart is even more evident in the workplace. Technology and tools are the game changer of how we excel and … revel!”

Productivity tracking

Compared to the first-generation FOCI, which debuted three years ago, FOCI’s second-generation machine learning engine has evolved to rival EEG’s capacity to track cognitive states and affords much more comfort than headbands. Clip to the waist, machine Learning profiles physiological, and translates diaphragmatic breathing patterns into productivity metrics.

FOCI Main Features
  • Emotion Records tracks emotion states, such as focus, distraction, stress, calm, fatigue, and flow, during seated work.
  • Emotion Analytics evaluates risks of frustration, distractibility, procrastination, burnout and anxiety that impact productivity.
  • In-Work Stats provides real time metrics such as mental performance, flow traction metrics, and tension overload.
  • Productivity Reports summarise focus metrics and tension level through the course of work.

Productivity boosts

In the past, users typically relied on productivity tools such as pomodoro and apps to block out distractions.

Now, FOCI sends real time tactile feedback to users when they are distracted or fatigued. This allows users to adjust their states in time. Users can customise 5 types of alerts to their preference.

FOCI affords a state-of-the art biofeedback training technology to help users adjust their work states and improve mental performance. The biofeedback training is complemented with four levels of focus skills, to tune out distraction, control procrastination, sustain longer focus, and peak mental flow.

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