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ThreatQuotient selected by Comcast to support cybersecurity operations

London, United Kingdom. 17 May, 2022 – ThreatQuotient, a security operations platform innovator, announced that Comcast has selected the ThreatQ platform and ThreatQ investigations to meet their cybersecurity operations needs. A full customer success story detailing this engagement can be downloaded here.

Following an extensive and competitive selection process, including a four month proof of concept (POC), ThreatQuotient’s technology solutions ultimately proved to solve a key challenge facing Comcast’s cybersecurity operations center (CSOC): the need to make security data actionable across multiple teams and complex use cases, including priority threat actor risk mitigation, threat hunting, threat detection engineering, incident response and forensics, and risk based vulnerability management.

“ThreatQuotient’s platform has steadily advanced and rapidly brought in new features as requested by their customers. As we came to the decision to reassess our approach to threat intelligence, we included ThreatQuotient in the evaluation process based on their repeated ability to deliver,” says Haris Shawl, senior director, Comcast cybersecurity. “Comcast cybersecurity selected ThreatQuotient because they have the right technology and skills to support the scale and complexity of cybersecurity operations at Comcast, the largest residential ISP in the U.S.”

As a result of using the ThreatQ Platform with the DataLinq engine and ThreatQ investigations, Comcast’s CSOC achieved the following outcomes:

Prioritise and collaborate to drive efficiencies

Comcast’s cybersecurity teams are now sharing data and learnings in a highly efficient, heavily automated manner. Sharing contextualised intelligence is a force multiplier. Teams can focus on relevant, high priority issues, so they can make better decisions and take the right actions faster.

Capture more value from tools and teams

The ThreatQ Platform’s support for bi-directional integrations with nearly 300 different tools, customised dashboards and integrated views, allows teams to share actionable intelligence within their workflows using tools they are accustomed to. Comcast cybersecurity gets more value from their existing tools and teams, while strengthening security posture and can add more tools to scale as needed.

Support complex use cases

Comcast teams can address multiple, complex use cases. In addition to sharing actionable intelligence and enabling collaboration, the ThreatQ platform and ThreatQ investigations helps automate repetitive, low risk, time consuming tasks. This empowers analysts, threat hunters and engineers to take the lead on complex, time sensitive investigations, hunts, forensic analysis and incident response.

“ThreatQuotient aims to provide our customers with the best service, experience and technology solutions available to solve their unique needs. We are incredibly proud to be selected by Comcast to solve their security operations challenges,” says John Czupak, president and CEO, ThreatQuotient. “To know that Haris Shawl asked his team who they believed would be the best company to work with, and their answer was ‘hands down, ThreatQuotient’ is not something we take lightly. ThreatQuotient is committed to providing that level of certainty and trust for all brands we have the opportunity to work with.”

As a hosted solution, the ThreatQuotient team delivers turnkey integration support, often in just a few hours or less. Download the full customer success story here. For more information about ThreatQuotient, please visit here.

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