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App composition platform speeds industry move to lower cost, true composable commerce

Berlin and New York. 24 May 2022 – Spryker, an enterprise digital commerce platform for business-to-business (B2B), enterprise marketplaces, Unified Commerce (UC) and D2C, has released a new version of its App Composition Platform at Spryker EXCITE 2022.

The cloud-native platform will give enterprises seamless access to third-party services and best-of-breed digital commerce vendors via a trial model which includes full service level agreement (SLA) and software lifecycle coverage for all composed capabilities. 

Spryker App Composition Platform will revolutionise how organisations integrate third-party services and other best-of-breed products into their business landscape and will deliver a true composable commerce experience so customers can benefit from access to new apps in minutes not months. With other enterprise platforms, the initial integration of a single third-party service could cost up to 100 developer days including maintenance and compatibility over five years, for oftentimes up to 20 applications. Now with the Spryker App Composition Platform, enterprises can facilitate initial integrations in one-click, allowing them to test the value of apps and services on their business quickly.

“We live in a world where a new generation of business managers face a growing choice of best-of-breed services and vendors but other commerce technology systems simply don’t deliver the simplicity and speed needed to capitalise on these options,” says Boris Lokschin, co-founder and CEO at Spryker. “We are truly excited that the Spryker App Composition Platform will give enterprises the freedom to quickly and easily compose the most engaging and intuitive services into experiences whether they operate in a B2B, B2C, or D2C world. It is the enterprise world’s first curated, secure, and frictionless platform for digital commerce. It is a game-changer that will make composable commerce a reality and our mission is for the App Composition Platform to be the most sought-after digital application marketplace.”

Boris Lokschin

Apps offered via the App Composition Platform are certified as secure and fully maintained as part of the platform partnership program. Spryker operates as the single point of contact for customers to further reduce overheads and to provide them with a uniform SLA for their commerce business. 

Spryker’s technology partners benefit from the App Composition Platform in several ways. The platform enables a much faster go-to-market proposition but requires lower investment, thus reducing their risk. The App Composition Platform also offers true Packaged Business Capabilities (PBCs) architecture that allows providers of services both broad and niche to reach Spryker’s customers. Additionally, clean, simple billing and usage reports powered by intelligent analytics and telemetry reduce the admin burden for both partners and customers.

“Enterprises need access to third-party apps to thrive in the competitive world of digital composable commerce, but they struggle to find the right tools and integrate them quickly. Service providers like Payment, Search, Recommendation Engines  want to offer their services to commerce companies, but are hampered by slow implementation cycles that mean companies limit the number of new apps they invest in. Spryker App Composition Platform solves this problem for good,” says Manishi Singh, SVP App composition platform at Spryker.

“Try-before-you-buy eliminates risk and lessens the commitment a company has to make. This benefits everyone in the digital commerce ecosystem. What’s more, we guarantee the security and compatibility of services offered via the App Composition Platform, so our customers have peace of mind that the apps they are using and their data is secure.”

Spryker App Composition Platform is growing its third-party services offered across categories including Payment, BI, Analytics, Commerce, Customer, Data Integration, Marketing, Operational Cloud, etc. These applications cover all digital commerce capabilities that enterprises require. Spryker App Composition Platform will be available for all Spryker Cloud Commerce OS Customers. To find out more visit here

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