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Jaggaer and Billtrust to deliver invoicing automation

Research Triangle Park, United States. 1 June 2022 – Jaggaer, the global provider in autonomous commerce, announced a strategic relationship with Billtrust, a B2B accounts receivable automation provider. Suppliers can now reduce manual work and lower administration cost by automating the process of sending out invoices within or outside of Jaggaer’s network of suppliers.

“Our vision for Autonomous Commerce is to create a truly frictionless and fully digitised experience for buyers and suppliers, and this relationship with Billtrust directly advances that goal,” says Jim Bureau, Jaggaer’s CEO. “By making invoicing activities effortless for suppliers, we’re enabling procurement teams to get their invoices sooner and speeding processing times. Suppliers’ increase in cash flow strengthens their financial resilience, reducing risk for buyers. This relationship also achieves efficient interoperability between both buyers and suppliers, allowing suppliers to scale their operations while creating a better experience at the same time. It’s a win-win for both parties.”

Billtrust enables suppliers to simply click a button within their existing financial system and successfully issue an invoice to a buyer without any manual work. When a supplier receives a purchase order (PO), they create an invoice which is sent to a specific email address assigned to that supplier by Billtrust. The Billtrust system autonomously processes and sends the invoice to the buyer on the Jaggaer ONE platform.

“Jaggaer’s vision for an intelligent and self-governing B2B Autonomous Commerce experience aligns well with our goal of modernising accounts receivable operations,” says Steve Pinado, president, Billtrust. “We are excited to help Jaggaer digitally transform the invoicing process for their suppliers and buyers which enables both parties to focus on strategic and high value activities that have a more meaningful impact on their businesses.”

Suppliers that use Billtrust reduce portal fatigue. The system automatically identifies the portal associated with each buyer and invoice, eliminating the need for suppliers to log into various portals and key in PO and invoice information. Suppliers can also access one centralised portal with an overview of all their invoice activity enriched with payment status information.

Learn more about Jaggaer and its autonomous commerce strategy.

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