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Kyndryl and Cisco to collaborate on network and edge computing solutions for enterprise customer

New York, 2 June 2022 – Kyndryl, an IT infrastructure services provider, and Cisco announced a technology partnership to help enterprise customers accelerate their transformation into data-driven businesses powered by Cisco solutions and Kyndryl managed services.

Through the partnership, Kyndryl and Cisco will team up to help businesses transform their operations by embracing cloud computing services that simplify complex hybrid IT management with more visibility, manageability, and flexibility. Kyndryl and Cisco will also develop new private cloud services, network and edge computing solutions, software defined networking (SDN) solutions and multi-network wide area network (WAN) offerings that are delivered in an environment with advanced security capabilities.

“Companies around the world in all industries are clamoring for solutions and services that can streamline the management and operation of their hybrid cloud and network computing environments,” says Deborah Nevin, vice president, Global Alliances. “We are pleased that our long-standing collaboration with Cisco can provide customers with integrated technologies and services that derive more value from their current IT investments, while embracing the benefits of advanced network and edge computing capabilities.”

Under their partnership, Cisco and Kyndryl will focus on providing technologies, infrastructure expertise and managed services throughout a customer’s entire cloud journey starting with strategy and migration, through to running, maintaining, and supporting complex IT environments. The companies also will work to enable and deliver digital transformation projects for customers around the world. By applying joint capabilities to facilitate in-country and regional programming, execution, and investment, the two companies will also leverage their diverse partner ecosystems to provide a range of industry and technology solutions across networks, data centre and cloud strategy, security, managed services, and strategic outsourcing.

“Kyndryl has a passion for innovation and has demonstrated expertise in delivering IT solutions to thousands of customers globally,” says Keith Dyer, vice president within Cisco’s global enterprise sales, and global partner organisation. “We’re excited about what Cisco and Kyndryl can accomplish together in building and delivering the next generation of managed services. As customers demand more as-a-service offerings, we will continue to reimagine applications that transform networks and address IT needs to meet this demand.”

For more information about the Kyndryl and Cisco partnership, please visit here.

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