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HCL Technologies launches integrated, full-stack AIOps and business flow observability solution

16 June 2022 – HCL Technologies DRYiCE has launched DRYiCE IntelliOps (IntelliOps), a solution addressing the full stack AIOps and observability needs of an enterprise.

Enterprises today have invested heavily in complex solutions for digital initiatives to modernise their technology landscape while trying to support user expectations for continuously available digital services, but a few challenges impede their progress. The most pertinent is the siloed implementation of AI and automation point solutions that address a particular symptom rather than the underlying cause of an IT issue. These products do not provide any insights into the business impact of these issues. 

Enterprises need a top down advanced AIOps and observability solution that enables autonomous IT operations for proactive intelligence and predictive analytics. DRYiCE, with its capabilities and cross domain experience, understands the pain points of today’s enterprises and has developed a holistic IT operation management solution IntelliOps.

IntelliOps is an integrated, full stack AIOps and business flow observability solution that manages end to end agile hybrid IT operations for predictive and continuously available digital services aligned to core business objectives. It realises the true vision of AIOps and observability via pre integrated solution offering that comes with multiple OOB use cases.

Rajiv Shesh

“IntelliOps will revolutionise the current ITOps approach by offering businesses unparalleled visibility into the impact of IT on their bottom line,” says Rajiv Shesh, chief revenue officer, HCL Products & Platforms. “This is for enterprises pursuing holistic digital transformation, agility and scalability, and a truly futuristic IT operations landscape.”

Now available globally, IntelliOps offers intelligent automation, cognitive assistance, end to end business flow observability, intelligent event management, advanced unified reporting, cloud lifecycle management, and FinOps in a bundled offering. Self learning AI algorithms make IntelliOps a perpetually evolving solution with ever growing capabilities allowing it to offer definitive business and operational value at scale.

Andrew Buss, research director, IDC, says “With IntelliOps, HCL is providing the foundation for digital innovation by advancing the traditional approach to AIOps from having operational data inputs to providing actions and ultimately intelligent automation on those insights. By blending AI and observability across the full IT stack, enterprises can accelerate progress toward resilient digital services tightly aligned to core business objectives.”

With IntelliOps, enterprises can increase business performance and availability, empower agile decision making, reduce operating costs, and enable digital operations that are tightly coupled with business goals.

For more information on IntelliOps, visit us here.

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